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Russell Crowe Joins The Extremely Random List Of Actors Who Have Played Dracula

Russell Crowe cast as Dracula In Eli Roth's Harker

Huh. Okay. Maybe we’re just used to the slender, sparkly hotties of the Twilight series, but Russell Crowe would not have been our first pick to play Dracula. Obviously director Eli Roth would beg to differ, seeing as how he’ll allegedly be directing the Robin Hood actor as the blood-sucking count in the upcoming horror action movie Harker. Then again, Russell certainly isn’t the first vampyre curveball Hollywood has hurled at the audience’s befuddled faces:

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Best Celebrity Halloween Pics: The Twitter Edition

Happy Halloween, Fablifers! We’ve already shown you the 40 craziest celeb Halloween costumes, and our 10 faves from this past weekend. But those were all such polished, professional affairs, weren’t they? We’re pretty sure that social networking was created mostly so that we could share hastily snapped pics of ourselves and friends making fools of themselves at Halloween parties. And in that respect — silly celebs in costumes, they’re just like us! The collection below gathers the blurry, the scary, the red-eyed, the not-quite-identifiable and the wish-we-were-there shots that famous people from Nina Dobrev and Lea Michele to Eli Roth and Zachary Quinto posted to their Twitter feeds over the weekend. There are some brilliant homemade costumes in the bunch — a bunch of Glee kids as the Rugrats, Leslie Mann as Kreayshawn — after all, many of these actors started off as geeky theater kids. Some A-listers clearly got professional help with their getups (cheating!). And though some look like lame last-minute costumes, we don’t mind because still love seeing the rich and famous not taking themselves seriously.

Peruse the gallery, steal ideas for tonight, and oooh and ahhh at yet another shot of Heidi Klum miraculously making herself gross.

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Nylon Magazine Celebrates Their May Issue

Nylon Magazine seems to throw a lot of parties, eh? The last one had the whole cast of Sucker Punch celebrate their 12th anniversary issue. This bash, held at Bardot nightclub in Hollywood, had the likes of Paris Hilton, Benji Madden and Kathy Griffin show up. Young H’wood partied as well with Kieran Culkin, Aly Michalka and Daveigh Chase — who left on a bike! We’ve also noticed that Paris’ wardrobe has gone through a dramatic change. We haven’t taken any umbrage with her outfit choices lately, which totally surprises us! Check out the gallery below for the rest of the partiers.

[Photos: Splash News Online]

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Are Peaches Geldof And Eli Roth Engaged?

coachella celebs 23 160410

They are if you believe a report in today’s edition of The Sun! The paper claims that the pair, who have dated since March, plan to wed next January on a rooftop in New York. However, according to Eli Roth‘s Twitter feed, he knows nothing about an engagement, writing “It’s a good thing I follow myself on Twitter or I’d have never known I was engaged. I had no idea. Congrats?” So…maybe the rumors aren’t to be believed. Especially the part about a rooftop ceremony in New York in January. Hello, frozen Peaches!

Geldof is 21 and has already been married before – she and Max Drummey who is, hilariously, a drummer, got hitched when she was 19 and it lasted seven months. Roth, who has made films like Cabin Fever and Hostel is 38 and has never been married. And has no plans to be, it seems.

[Photo: WEEN]


Celeb Celtics Fans Bummed As Lakers Take It To Game 7

Peaches, Eli, Maria and Dane

While your Leos and your Jacks were certainly happy to see the Lakers tie up the NBA Championship series against the Celtics, you have to feel sorry for the celebs who risked ridicule by showing their Boston pride at the Staples Center in LA last night. Just looking at Eli Roth‘s face tells us how frustrating the pummeling must have been, and just looking at Peaches Geldof tells us how confusing she must have found the game. Ah well, at least the loss kept Dane Cook from preening. See photos of all these celebs, Christina Aguilera, Michelle Obama and many, many more in the gallery below. Think they’ll all show up for the final match-up Thursday?

[Photos: Getty Images]

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Kat Von D And Bam Margera Get Close At NYLON Party

Kat Von D & Bam Margera

Watched out for “friends” with forehead tattoos, wives of America. Plastic surgery victim Kat Von D and Jackass Bam Margera have been pals for years, but with the skater’s unholy union on the rocks lately, we have to wonder why he and his inker been particularly cuddlesome out in the LA party circuit lately. The pair showed up at last night’s NYLON shindig, attended by such familiar club rats as Lindsay Lohan, Mischa Barton, Peaches Geldof, and both Nicky and Paris Hilton. Von D dismissed her affection for Margera by saying “he’s like my brother” in January—which is only going to make it creepier if they ever come out as couple. Check out their revelry in the gallery below.

[Photo: Splash News Online]

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Peaches Geldof Dropped By Ultimo Underwear After Nudes Leak

Peaches Geldof

That’s what you get for not wearing your brand! Following the release of nude photos of Peaches Geldof by an alleged hook-up/heroin partner, Ultimo has dropped the British socialite as their “face and body,” rushing to remove her from their website and store displays, some set up just a few weeks ago. Said a spokesperson, “Miss Ultimo is a brand geared towards a young female audience and as a company we have a social responsibility to ensure we are promoting only positive role models that young women can aspire to.”

Though this bit of irony (has Peaches ever been a positive role model?) must be humiliating for the 20-year-old model, boyfriend Eli Roth is apparently unfazed by the allegations; the Inglorious Basterds star—trademark bat in hand—was spotted with Geldof at a gas station Saturday.

[Photo: Splash News Online]

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Eli Roth And Peaches Geldof: Still Smooching After The Oscars

Eli Roth & Peaches Geldof

Looks like the Bear Jew is hungry for Peaches. Inglorious Basterds star/Hostel director Eli Roth was spotted kissing British socialite/underwear model Peaches Geldof in his car yesterday, following their quality time at the Vanity Fair Oscar After Party Sunday night. While mum on their depth of their relationship, the 20-year-old divorcee confirmed her date with 37-year-old Roth on Twitter. “At the Vanity Fair Oscar night party with @eliroth who’s got a silent movie star look going down tonight. Very sharp.” (Roth himself has stayed mum on the matter, except for a Twitpic of himself tanning before the big show).

Was it just a wild weekend for Geldof and Roth—who really is 37, we can’t believe it either—or is it something serious? Take a look for yourself in the gallery below.

[Photos: Splash News Online/Getty Images]

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Eli Roth Gets Inglouriously Stung, 200 Times


Last night, Eli Roth, “Bear Jew” of Critics’ Choice-nominated Inglourious Basterds and the writer/director behind the Hostel series, tweeted quite the real-life nightmare. While kayaking off the coast of Mexico, his kayak suddenly sank, stranding him about a mile off shore. He was forced to climb deadly sea urchin-covered rocks to an island, and when a wave knocked him over, he was stung over 200 times. Lucky to be alive, he was rescued by a fisherman.

Drunk tourists harassed him upon his arrival back to the beach, while he was covered in blood and in dire need of medical attention. Finally, he was brought to a hospital and forced to endure getting all 200 pins removed, without anesthetics due to swelling. TMZ obtained a disturbing photo of his mauled foot.

Roth plans to hobble to the People’s Choice Awards tonight. A trooper to say the least. [Photo: Weinstein Co.]

His entire horrific tale – via Twitter – after the jump.

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