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Elizabeth Hurley Is Engaged!

Elizabeth Hurley is enagaged to Shane Warne, her former cricketer boyfriend! They confirmed the news themselves with Liz tweeting a message, along with the picture above, that read, “Thanks for all your congratulations. Here’s a pic of us about to go to Dunhill dinner in St Andrews.” The photograph was taken right before he popped the question and that grin (made even whiter in relief with that tan!) looks quite jovial!

Shane was believed to have proposed at dinner at the posh Road Hole restaurant in St. Andrews on Saturday in front of all the VIP guests there with sources saying, “He didn’t get down on one knee, but when it was announced the other guests in the restaurant stood up and applauded. Everyone there was absolutely delighted.” But Shane’s tweets seem to suggest that the proposing was done earlier. He wrote, “I didn’t propose in front of 200 people at dinner It was done privately and was very romantic – if I say so myself Ps left knee is sore !!!”  FYI, Liz’s divorce to Indian businessman Arun Nayar was just finalized in June. Good luck for your second trip down the aisle! Congratulations, guys!

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Elizabeth Hurley Shoots For Gossip Girl, Gets Close With Chace Crawford

How hot is Elizabeth Hurley in that red dress? Chace Crawford‘s character, Nate Archibald, certainly seems to think so as he pulls Liz’s character Diana Payne aside in what seems to be a pretty steamy encounter.  They’re shooting on location in New York City, and we can’t wait for the new season, guys! But what we really want to know is if this scene is indicative of a larger Diana-Nate storyline? Nate’s still single at the end of season 4, and since he’s always down for a hook-up, it could very well be an option. Remember, Liz’s character is supposed to be a “ sexy, smart, self-made media mogul and all-around force to be reckoned with…” Yeah, Nate’s totally going to try get some.

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Elizabeth Hurley Sashay’s Onto Gossip Girl

Elizabeth Hurley on Gossip Girl, season 5? Do we like this news? Will her posh-actress accent end up bugging us (most likely, yes)? We’re going to be borderline with our reactions at the moment. She may be glorious to look at it, but can she act?

Liz’s character Diana Payne will appear in multiple episodes and as executive producers, Stephanie Savage and Joshua Safran, say, she’s “a sexy, smart, self-made media mogul and all-around force to be reckoned with. Diana’s entrance on the Upper East Side will change the lives of all our characters – including, and especially Gossip Girl herself.” If only you could see how excited we are while we type this. We’re still not too sure about Liz, though. Help us make up our minds?

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Elizabeth Hurley Is Officially Divorced

Haven’t these two been getting divorced almost as long as their relationship lasted? It sure feels like it, seeing as how Elizabeth Hurley’s divorce from husband Arun Nayar was finalized yesterday after the actress filed for the split in early April. The couple announced their separation in December 2010, said they had been apart for several months previous, and mentally checked out, oh, probably midway through the salad course at their reception.

Despite the fact that neither now-ex-spouse was in attendance, Judge Penny Crushing ruled that since their marriage had “broken down irretrievably,” a divorce seemed in order. When filing, Hurley cited “unreasonable behavior” as the reason for the split, but then again Liz did announce their separation via Twitter then engage in a public affair with cricketer Shane Warne, so it seems like “unreasonable” is one of those words with a lot of different meanings.


Liz Hurley Overdoes The Self-Tanner

Look, we know it’s still chilly outside in most parts of the northern hemisphere, and that people tend to want to give themselves a healthy, non-pasty glow in time for summer, but we’re not fans of over-doing the obvious orange self-tanner. And unfortunately, Elizabeth Hurley sort of overdid it last night. Check out a pic of Hurley at the Hot Pink Party at the Waldorf Astoria on left, as compared with a shot of Hurley looking more natural and gorgeous back in October at an event at Harrods in London on the right. We much prefer the her looking less like a basketball. But honestly, she’s the model, and she probably thinks we look like ass too.

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Elizabeth Hurley Officially Files For Divorce

Elizabeth Hurley filed for divorce this weekend in London, after four months of being separated from her soon-to-be-ex husband, Arun Nayar. The reason for the split has been cited as Nayar’s  “unreasonable behavior,” which is kinda odd because he’s not the one having an affair with an Australian cricketer, is he? Yes, Hurley was spotted making out with Shane Warne, prompting her to announce that she and Nayar were through.

We’re not saying she cheated on her husband, of course. The actress defended her actions, saying that the couple had been separated for months before Warne and her hit it off. The cricketer had to do the same because he was still thought to be married to wife Simone Callahan. He was forced to admit they had been separated for some months too. As if that wasn’t enough secret sexing, Warne was accused of cheating on Hurley with a 26-year-old porn star. All must be forgiven because they’re still inseparable and Hurley’s gone ahead and filed her papers. Good luck you two… you’re going to need it.


Adrianne Palicki Bounds After The Bad Guys On Wonder Woman Set

She may have put on some pants, but it looks like Wonder Woman still prefers to get her crime-stopping done in a strapless bustier. Adrianne Palicki was leaping over cars on the set of Wonder Woman yesterday, chasing a young thug in for such a lassoing. If Wonder Woman’s outfit wasn’t excitement enough for cleavage fans (seriously, why have bulletproof bracelets if you’re going to leave vital organs unprotected by even cloth?), Elizabeth Hurley, who’s playing the villain in the pilot episode, tweeted “Adrianne is gorgeous and, wow, can she fight!” Do we have some wrasslin’ to look forward to?


Did Liz Hurley’s New Beau Cheat On Her With A Porn Star?

Model-actress-Hugh Grant bestie Elizabeth Hurley announced in December that she was divorcing husband Arun Nayar and then quickly revealed a new man on her arm, cricket player Shane Warne. Now just two short months later, Warne has been accused of cheating on Hurley in a very Charlie Sheen way, with a 26-year-old porn star.

The porn star in question is an Australian named Chloe Conrad who claims she was hooking up with Warne around the time he started dating Hurley. Conrad is pretty amazing in that she has no shame and provides some completely unfiltered soundbites in an interview she gave to the Sunday Mirror. Conrad said that sex with Warne gave her a rug burn scar (Permanent rug burn! Who knew?) that she now calls her “Warnie Stamp.” Aussies porn stars—so clever and gross! But mostly just gross! Conrad also pours some salt into the wound by knocking Hurley’s age, saying “Everyone knows Shane is not the ideal guy to settle down with… Liz is a lot older than me and should be wiser.” Hurley and Warne were seen together this weekend at the wedding of one of Warne’s teammates and didn’t appear to be affected by the scandal. Hurley may want to exercise caution though, since Warne’s previous marriage dissolved as a result of his having several affairs. Also, what is it about Liz Hurley that makes her hot boyfriends cheat with sex workers?

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Lily Allen, Elizabeth Hurley Busted For Twitter Shout-Outs

We get spoiled with famous people like Kanye West who seem to have Twitter connected directly to their brains. Turns out some British celebs have tweets sent directly from their wallets. Authorities are now targeting stars like Lily Allen and Elizabeth Hurley for using Twitter to advertise products without their fans knowing about it. The Office of Fair Trading in the U.K. are calling these pay-for-tweet partnerships “deceptive” to the celebs’ many followers. So, what’s the likelihood Courtney Love has just been selling extra-strength crazy pills this whole time?

Apparently current consumer protection laws require spokespeople to identify which of their tweets are product-placement versus those that are personal. “People shouldn’t be misled. If someone has been paid to advertise a product they should declare it. It’s not specific to celebrities,” the OFT explains. Violating the law can mean a hefty fine. Hurley tweeted just last week about products by Estee Lauder, for which she is a long-time spokeperson. “If your skin is dry from too much central heating, try Estee Lauder’s Hydrationist serum. Just used for first time & it’s divine,” the actress wrote, while Allen has given shout-outs to Grey Goose vodka. We can believe how devious this is! We’re going to unfollow all celebrities just as soon as we finish putting on this moisturizer and drinking this martini. Wait a minute…


Elizabeth Hurley And Hubby Separate Amidst Cheating Rumors


Is Elizabeth Hurley a better actress than we give her credit for? We only ask because the above photo was taken six weeks ago, and she and her husband Arun Nayar look pretty happy to be together, but according to Hurley, they have been separated for months amidst rumors that Hurley cheated.

The pair has been married for three years. While they have been seen together in public recently, Hurley announced their breakup on Twitter on Sunday, saying “Not a great day. For the record, my husband Arun and I separated a few months ago. Our close family & friends were aware of this.” She has recently been spotted with Australian cricket player Shane Warne and it’s been reported that they spent the night together at a London hotel last week, so the news is most definitely an attempt at damage control. This makes us sad, not because of the divorce but because we figured that if Hurley’s marriage ever ended, she’s obviously get back together with Hugh Grant who she’s still best pals and vacation buddies with. Hurley has an eight-year-old son named Damian from a previous relationship.

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