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Why Lost Fans Should Watch Once Upon a Time


With the premiere of Lost celebrating its 10th anniversary, it’s a stark reminder that no show has been able to truly capture that same frenzied passion. From the memorable characters to its unique style of storytelling, Lost gave TV viewers something fresh and interesting to watch week after week. And in its absence, Once Upon a Time is the best option to fill the void left by flight 815.

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Avril Lavigne’s Horror Show Eye Shadow Joins The Pantheon Of Celeb Makeup Disasters

Avril Lavigne Makeup Disaster

We don’t even want to go into the hair. There just aren’t enough hours in the 24/7 news cycle to discuss the half-shaved pink-and-lime studded business sprouting from Avril Lavigne‘s scalp at her Abbey Dawn fashion show in New York last night. Plus we don’t want to have to admit that we kind of like it. What we don’t like, however, is the greasy conjunctivitis-chic Avril chose to smear around her peepers. We guess you’d call it a smokey eye, in as much as our eyes started billowing smoke the second we looked at it. While we’d argue that Avril’s hotness still manages to shine through, that is not the case with these other makeup disasters…

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