15 Couples Finally Getting Their Marriage Rights On


Yesterday, every TV here at VH1 was tuned into the news about the Supreme Court’s ruling on DOMA (The Defense of Marriage Act) and Prop 8. It was all everyone was talking about. We heard “Same Love” by Macklemore about eight times as we walking through the building. Our Twitter feed was flooded with celebrations from our friends, as well as gay and straight celebrities — like Neil Patrick Harris, Ellen DeGeneres, Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard.

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Kristen and Dax stated a few years back when they first got engaged that they would wait to get married until same-sex couples had the same rights as heterosexual couples. That got us thinking, what other celebrities could be affected by this wonderful news? In the gallery above you’ll find the already-married and engaged couples who’ll be enjoying all the rights and rites of marriage now — as well as a few who we hope will take advantage of the ruling soon!

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Ellen DeGeneres Wanted To Motorboat Katy Perry At The Grammys

Ellen DeGeneres wants to motorboat Katy Perry

We tried to come up with an innocent explanation for the above photo. Really we did, we swear! But there seems to be no getting around the simple fact that Ellen DeGeneres wants to motorboat Katy Perry. Yes, right there on the floor of the 2013 Grammy Awards ceremony! And her lovely wife Portia de Rossi seems totally cool with it, so hey…whatever floats your (motor)boat there, Ell!

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“Damn You, Swift!”: The 15 Best Quotes From Tonight’s People’s Choice Awards

Olivia Munn Gives Taylor Swift Her People's Choice Award

Awards Season 2013 kicked off tonight with the People’s Choice Awards on CBS, and while we didn’t get any nip slips or f-bombs or other kind of flubs, host Kaley Cuoco and a cavalcade of stars kept it moving with some solid banter. From Ellen DeGeneres‘ Mayan prediction to Chris Colfer‘s fanfic shout-out, our favorite gems (other than Sandra Bullock‘s tear-jerking Favorite Humanitarian Award’s speech; we’re not going to try to recapture it) included…

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Wait, What … Bradley Cooper Reveals Five Nipples On Ellen Show! Weirdly NSFW?

You know it’s going to be a good show when you’re talking and Bradley Cooper suddenly segues into, “Hey, do you remember when you asked me the last time, to take my shirt off?” Because that’s what’s happened with Ellen DeGeneres on her show yesterday and as expected, the audience almost started ripping off their shirts in excitement. Bradley then launches into a speech about how he remembers that she asked him very clearly, even though Ellen looks perplexed about where this is going. “… I don’t know if I should reveal this much about myself, ” he says, to which she asks, “Did you take your shirt off?” He replies in the negative and then shows why. Bradley unbuttoned his shirt to reveal a third nipple. “I’m going to do it, I feel free with you guys,” he said before the secret spilling. It gets even better, though, to the delight of the audience, who are so supportive, sweetly enough. And that’s when things start getting really weird and as Ellen says, “What is this, show and tell right now?” Bradley then proceeds to roll up his shirt sleeve to show off a fourth nipple and then his pants leg for a fifth nipple. And that’s when we knew he was kidding! Watch the video above to see the hilarious segment which runs till a minute and twenty seconds before heading into her Chistmas giveaway segment! Good one, guys. They really had us going for a tiny bit!

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Amanda Seyfried Rapping Dressed As A Frog On Ellen Is The Best Thing Ever

If this isn’t proof that Amanda Seyfried could potentially be the coolest BFF ever, we don’t know what is. Not only can Ms. Amanda wear the hell out of a gown — McQueen, no less — but she looks like the sort of gal who could kick back a couple of tequilas and karaoke the hell out of a microphone. What’s not to love? Oh yeah, this. She may be one of the most gorgeous faces on screen at the moment, but she isn’t afraid to poke fun of herself. For example, she thinks nothing of throwing on a frog mask on national television. How do we know all of this? Not because we’re hanging with Amanda, sadly, but because that’s exactly what she did on The Ellen DeGeneres Show yesterday. Minus the tequila. Or with tequila in her system, who knows. Ellen found out that the whole Les Miserables cast had gone out for a spot of karaoke while they were in Tokyo, Japan on promotional duties. Amanda admitted that she had done her bit on the mic after a couple of rounds of sake, dressed as a frog, natch. And Ellen isn’t anything if not well-prepared, so out came a frogs head costume and some sake. Sake, tequila: booze equals booze. This bascially turned into Amanda rapping California Love by Tupac, dressed in said frogs head. The clip’s above, for your viewing pleasure. It’s the best thing E.V.E.R.

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Christina Aguilera Talks Hillary Clinton On Ellen, Launches A Million Slash Fiction Stories

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We all had a good chuckle over that photo of Hillary Clinton gazing down at Christina Aguilera‘s ample cleavage at October’s 2012 George McGovern Leadership Award Ceremony, where Xtina was being honored for helping starving children, not for having a nice rack. Little did we know that the admiration between the Secretary of State and the Voice judge was completely mutual.

“She’s such a force in a room, she’s just got that star charisma, and everything about her I just — I couldn’t take my eyes off her either, so it was mutual,” Christina told Ellen DeGeneres in a segment taped for today’s show.

“Wow. Well,” was Ellen’s response. And now we can picture a million slash fiction writers coming up with steamy romances between the two divas.

“I’m so inappropriate!” Christina said apologetically. Well, that’s how we love you best — but you weren’t the one staring at a public official’s assets, btw.

Christina Aguilera loved the admiration Hillary Clinton showed her at an awards ceremony in October

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Miley Cyrus Talks Wedding Plans On Ellen, Gets A Surprise Bonus Lap Dance!

There’s so much awesome stuff that happened when Miley Cyrus went on the Ellen Degeneres Show. We’re pleased she disregarded those lame rumors about her fiance Liam Hemsworth cheating because this episode was all about wedding stuff. Really honest, sweet wedding stuff like when Miley talks about what she’s looking forward to the most, saying, “That moment when he first gets to see me in my dress and everything all together. It has to be perfect. It has to be like a soundtrack in a movie. That’s the one-day that movie crap is real. That romance. That look is the time that you get that… I’ve been too probably 10, 20 weddings and I’ve seen that real look 5, 6 times. It’s rare that people just stop to really look the person in the eye and know that this is your life together.” See? It’s adorable and we feel so affectionate towards Miley after hearing that. And contrary to reports that she’s having a gazillion ceremonies, Miley clarifies, “There is some rumor going around that I’m having like 47 weddings. I’m not. I’m having one wedding. That’s my day and whatever I want on that day will be about me and that moment.”

Great conversation — and Miley looking like a million bucks aside — the best part of the show came towards the end as a very beefy surprise. Two very beefy surprises, actually. The gag was that a light went bust during the show, right as Ellen Degeneres was asking about bachelorette plans,  when “maintenence men” appeared. And before you knew it, they had their shirts off and were giving Miley the time of her life! Watch the hilarious clip above! But don’t watch it work, folks It’s a lot of fun, harmless bumping and grinding but you may not want your boss to see you giggling over your laptop!