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Carrie Diaries Trailer Shows Just The Right Amount Of Sex And The City And High School

As fans of Sex and the City, Candace Bushnell’s YA novels The Carrie Diaries, and the entire Josh Schwartz oeuvre, we have had high, high hopes for the CW’s Carrie Diaries. And were pretty heartbroken to learn this week that AnnaSophia Robb wouldn’t be stepping into Carrie Bradshaw’s stilettos until midseason. That’s why we didn’t see any clips of it yesterday, when the new fall TV shows were trotted out for prospective advertisers. But whether by design or by leak, this morning we finally have a trailer. And we really, truly think this will be worth the wait. Here are five reasons why:

AnnaSophia Robb in The Carrie Diaries

The trailer opens with Carrie doing the classic SATC confident walk through Manhattan that makes us positively giddy.
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