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Kerry Washington, Olivia Wilde + More: Which Bump Was Best Dressed At The Golden Globes?

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How refreshing (and utterly frustrating!) that Kerry Washington hasn’t said a word about her pregnancy until she showed up at tonight’s Golden Globes and called her bump “the best date of the night.” Her Balenciaga gown was Olivia Pope-worthy. But she wasn’t the only lady bringing her special glow to the red carpet tonight.
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Chris Hemsworth Welcomes New Baby India Amid Snow White Premiere Mania

Elsa Pataky and Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth
has been traipsing the globe, promoting his one-two punch of summer blockbusters, The Avengers (which had its second week at #1 at the box office and is breaking records all over the place) and Snow White and the Huntsman, which had a weekend-long press junket in London (we were there! more soon!) and premieres there today before its June 1 release. We wonder how his wife, Spanish model Elsa Pataky, feels about that, since she just gave birth to their first child, daughter India Rose, last week. Actually, Chris must feel a little guilty about having to work this weekend, since he wouldn’t even confirm whether India was born on Friday, as Us Weekly reports.

“It’s amazing, it’s really, really exciting,” he told E! News over the weekend. “It’s tough being here and not back with her.” Luckily, it sounds like Elsa had the baby in London, so he didn’t have to go too far to be with her.

As for the name, Hemsworth didn’t have much in the way of explanation for E!’s Giuliana Rancic: “It was just a name we liked, I always kind of liked Indie or Indiana for a boy and she liked India.” So, either they’re big Harrison Ford fans, or they fell in love with my dog India.

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Scarlett Johansson Gets Overshadowed At The Avengers European Premiere

Scarlett Johansson really needs to up her game! She was completely overshadowed by her male co-stars at the L.A. world premiere of The Avengers last week. The film shifted spot to the Vue Westfield in London last night and we were hoping Scarlett would really knock it out of the ballpark with this one. Sadly, our hopes have been dashed once again. She looked particularly odd in a peplum Prada frock, where the frill at the waist seemed to separate two completely different dresses. As a result, the whole thing looked completely disjointed, and we know that Scarlett can do much better than this. Someone needs to get her stylist a memo.

As we were saying, she was overshadowed by the men in the movie, last week? This week, it was other women on the carpet — a television actress and a pregnant star wife, no less. Chris Hemsworth‘s very preggo wife, Elsa Pataky looked gorgeous in a flowing forest green Hoss Intropia Grecian maxi. But the real winner that night was Cobie Smulders¬†(who’s also in the movie, FYI) who aced it with some really movie star glamor in a red Alexandra Vidal gown with a gentle fishtail. Scarlett. This is an emergency. Up the ante, now.

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Chris Hemsworth, Wife Elsa Pataky Expecting Extremely Hunky Baby

Chris Hemsworth is having a baby! Knowing that makes this tiny hand-crafted Thor outfit we’ve been sewing seem significantly less random and off-putting. Hurray! The Avengers star’s wife Elsa Pataky allegedly told Spanish-language site ¬°HOLA! this week that the pair is scheduled to pop out a devastatingly handsome miniature version of themselves in the spring. “Having the person that you love by your side and starting a family with them is the best thing that can happen to you in this life. You can’t ask for more,” the Fast Five actress gushed. Just picture the chiseled cheekbones and flaxen locks on that kid. You know, after he or she grows out of that “adorable hairless blob of dough” phase. We cannot wait. Hurray!

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It’s A Man’s World At The Captain America: The First Avenger Premiere

What a day for premieres it was yesterday. Crazy, Stupid Love was on as well as — and this is the one we’ve been waiting for — Captain America: The First Avenger debuting on the other coast in Hollywood. We’re totally digging ChrisSquared. Chris Evans killed it in his suit, and Chris Hemsworth looked adorable alongside wide Elsa Pataky. Which is all sweet and very spouse-ly of him but can we please have some solos, bro? And then there’s Robert Downey Jr who can put on all the crazy suits and glasses he wants to, but we’ll still adore him!

The women were repp’d by a stunning Zoe Saldana who seems to have legs for miles. We’re just not feeling Vanessa Hudgens hair (yes, we know it’s for a role), but more of that in our next post. Jamie Alexander looked pretty edible in her red gown too. Also spotted were very dapper looking Dominic Cooper and Sebastian Stan. Samuel L. Jackson was, well — Samuel L. Jackson. If you want to see them up close, flip through our gallery.

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