The Top 30 Hottest Aussie Exports

TheFABlife could think of no more appropriate and enjoyable way to celebrate Australia Day than to celebrate the sexiest actors, musicians and models from Down Under. From Miranda Kerr‘s enviable bikini bod to Elle Macpherson‘s eternal youth to Hugh “Wolverine” Jackman‘s abs — Australia’s got a lot to offer. So throw another shrimp on the barbie (too easy?), sit back and salivate over the Top 30 Hottest Aussie exports. [Photos: Splash News Online, Getty Images]

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Robert Pattinson Remembers To Play With His Hair At UK Movie Premiere

Robert Pattinson

Remember Me, Robert Pattinson? How could we ever forget you? Even if you never top Twilight at the box office, you’ll always be the British dreamboat who could not keep his hand out of his hair on red carpets in the late ’00s and early ’10s. Pattinson stuck true to form at the London premiere of Remember Me earlier today, signing pictures, posing with co-star Emilie de Ravin, playing with his wild locks and giving us the wry, knowing stares so many rely on to get them through the day, like a sexy “hang in there” cat poster. No, RPattz, you shouldn’t worry about being forgotten.

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Robert Pattinson Brings Kristen Stewart, Goofy Faces To Remember Me Premiere


Think you can handle photos of Twilight lovers Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart without freaking out?! We hung out on the Remember Me red carpet with VH1’s lovely Janell Snowden, and got an eyeful of Robert Pattinson in all his awkward, hair-grabbing glory. We spent Saturday staring at him at the movie’s press junket as well, and can honestly say this: up close and personal, he doesn’t radiate sex as much as he does goofy cuteness. The dude has tiny features (his head seemed like it was the size of a grapefruit), and his humble, self-deprecating nature, while charming, totally comes across in how he carries himself. Don’t get us wrong, we found it totally refreshing, and we’d still do him in a heartbeat. But man, is this one awkward heartthrob.

We were happy that Rob’s cohort in introversion, Kristen Stewart, came out to support him, lurking on the red carpet in mustard-colored pants. If this doesn’t confirm for people that they’re lovers underneath the covers, we don’t know what will. Rob did pal around with co-star Emilie de Ravin on the carpet, but it seemed totally platonic. Her outfit was adorable up close (high five, stylist), and she is teeny-tiny and super sweet.

Not so sweet: the f*cking paparazzi. Holy crap, you guys, we’ve never heard people scream like the photographers did last night. And not just squeals of excitement; these were downright terrifying wails that channeled the voices and spirits of 1000 demons. “ROB! ROBBBBBBB! PUBLICIST, MOVE! WE NEED A SHOT OF ROB!” Yes, the fans were 100 % more polite in their screaming. It’s no wonder Rob and Kristen cower every time someone with a camera steps in their way. We were curled up in a ball on the red carpet, and no one was even trying to take our picture.

Check out more pics from the Remember Me premiere below, and if you have to scream, remember – inside voices only!

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Just Released: Official Poster Art For Remember Me


Robert Pattinson admirers rejoice! The official one-sheet for his non-vampire flick, Remember Me, has just made its debut. He looks simply adorable in black and white with co-star Emilie de Ravin

See more shots from Remember Me below. The film is slated to hit theaters March 12th. [Poster: Courtesy of Summit Entertainment]

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Check out the trailer after the jump!

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She Is Not Worthy


Who the hell does this little tart think she is? Showing off her perfect legs in Daisy Dukes. Pawing and slobbering all over Robert Pattinson. Dangling her mousey brown hair in his brooding face. Rubbing her breastages against his holy skin! Giggling with the realization that she’s the envy of every teen girl in America.

Emilie De Ravin, shame on you. Your bad behavior will not be excused because you were “doing your job” by filming this make out scene for “Remember Me,” to be released in 2010. Welcome to the dog house and steer clear of all those crazed RPattz fans.

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