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The 10 Brainiest Beauties On TV Vie For This Week’s Hotness

In the latest issue of Vanity Fair, James Wolcott points out what a great time it is for female characters on TV. From Downton Abbey to 30 Rock, our screens are filled with complex, strong, flawed women that reflect real life as much as they entertain us. And also, as the VF cover and photo spread demonstrate, a lot of the actresses portraying those great characters also happen to be smoking hot. We at the Fab Life pride ourselves on being solid feminists as much as we love being shallow, so this is the perfect way to combine those interests: Making you (seriously, we’ll put toothpicks in your eyelids if you disobey) look at the 10 brainiest beauties, or the 10 most beautiful brainiacs, on TV right now, and then forcing you to vote for your favorite. Are you an avid follower of Kalinda Sharma’s ass-kicking investigative techniques on The Good Wife? Were you rooting for Lady Sybil to ditch her parents AND her chauffeur suitor and run off to become a doctor? Aren’t you sure that Sterling Cooper Draper Price would crumble without Joanie’s capable guidance? Peruse the gallery, add to your DVR queue, and get to voting. Poll ends on Monday at 2 p.m. ET.

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Emily Deschanel Gives Birth To Baby Boy

We’re betting someone is getting a ukulele lullaby from his aunt Zooey as we type this. Bones star Emily Deschanel’s baby boy arrived on Wednesday, People reports. The couple’s first born, the baby is named Henry Hornsby, which seems almost too normal seeing as how Zooey Deschanel’s kids are going to be named Dottie or Waterfall or something equally as sugary.

Deschanel and her husband, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia actor and star of the upcoming sitcom  How to Be A Gentleman David Hornsby, announced their pregnancy  back in March. Based on Henry’s genetic makeup, we’re going and assume the little peanut will be predisposed to a quirky sense of humor, a well-rounded acting resume and blue eyes the size of regulation basketballs.

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No Bones About It: Emily Deschanel Is Pregnant

Looks like Zooey Deschanel’s sister is filled with Bones. Little teeny baby bones, that is! Ugh, we’re sorry. People just confirmed Bones‘ star Emily Deschanel’s pregnancy, but we’re having a hard time coming up with cute jokes since the mommy-to-be plays a no-nonsense forensic pathologist. We mean, she spends each episode knee-deep in dead bodies. Not exactly baby shower material, you feel us?

Let’s try this again. You know who probably has really weird bones? It’s Always Sunny‘s Rickety Cricket, played by Deschanel’s husband and soon-to-be papa David Hornsby. Ugh, no, still too gross for a happy baby post. The couple met in 2007, and married last September; this will be the first child for both. We hope the proud parents don’t have a bone…to pick with us if we dig up…some info on whether their kid is going to be a boy or girl. Cadavers, Argh, we were so close!

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