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Emmys Worst-Dressed? Claire Danes, Zosia Mamet, Emily VanCamp And Others Troubling Us

Claire Danes, Emily VanCamp, Zosia Mament
First of all, no one on the red carpet of the Emmy Awards was particularly awful, well with the exception of Phoebe Price, who really goes for awful every time. But there was a handful of ladies — ladies whom we love and admire — who made us scratch our heads and want to send angry letters to their stylists. Mostly, there was a disturbing trend in being terrible to boobs. The gowns on Emily VanCamp, Claire Danes, Morena Baccarin and Zosia Mamet were rather unkind in the bust area, and after spending a little too much time admiring Kat Dennings‘ girls tonight, that just made us sad. Anna Chlumsky and Hayden Panettiere disappointed us by wearing gowns that would look amazing on someone 20 years their senior. Leslie Mann, meanwhile, made a terrible choice of color, and we wanted to rip the sleeves off of Julianne Moore’s gown and the ruffles off Elisabeth Moss‘.

Again, none of these were offensively bad. And maybe you disagree? Let us know in the comments and on Twitter!

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Taylor Swift Is Becoming Revenge‘s Emily/Amanda: Theories We Wish We’d Come Up With

Taylor Swift and Emily VanCamp

Every once in a while, we see a post on another blog and proceed to lose next half hour to kicking ourselves for not coming up with it ourselves. That is the case with this entry from our sibling blog NewNowNext discussing the many parallels between Taylor Swift and Revenge’s super awesome Emily Thorne/Amanda Clarke, played by Emily VanCamp. From their gorgeous, flowing blond locks to their waterfront houses located conveniently near their very rich boyfriends’ family estates, the similarities are striking. For example:

Taylor Swift enjoys summer on the East Coast, and can frequently be seen with men whose sexuality many have questioned. Amanda Clarke/Emily Thorne enjoys summer on the East Coast, and can frequently be seen with pal Nolan Ross, whose sexuality many have questioned.”

Luckily for her exes and school bullies, Taylor’s mode of revenge so far has been simply through song rather than, you know, destroying lives.

We’ll let NNN take it from there

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Style Seen: Emily VanCamp Shows Us Her Good Side

We’re way behind on episodes of Revenge, so nobody spoil what’s happened lately in Emily Thorne/Amanda Clarke’s quest to take down her father’s enemies in Hamptons high society. But we were pleased to learn that Emily VanCamp, who plays Emily/Amanda, is nothing like her scheming onscreen persona. “I guess I do have that dark place somewhere inside of me,” she said on Big Morning Buzz Live earlier this week. Her white-blazer-and-jeans combo went further in convincing us of her more lighthearted nature. Still, those heels could probably hurt you if you crossed her. Take a look.

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