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Celebrities Who Have Not Gotten Plastic Surgery

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It’s difficult to avoid the pressures associated with celebrity when it comes to beauty and aging. Those pressures being that you’re not really allowed to age, especially if you’re a woman. So Hollywood becomes a parade of plastic with stars undergoing all sorts of invasive surgeries in order to stay looking as young as possible for as long as they can. But there are some celebrities who have managed to avoid the pitfalls of surgery — proof that women can be beautiful regardless of age. Read more…

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5 Stars Who Are Having The Best Awards Season Ever

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Each year, the awards season means certain stars get an opportunity to shine as they make the rounds on red carpets, picking up trophies and working their way toward that Oscar. Some celebs do it better than others. See last year when Jennifer Lawrence shined from the moment she “beat Meryl” at the Golden Globes to tripping on her way to picking up her Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress. Meanwhile, Anne Hathaway couldn’t muster the same spirit. Speech after speech, fans felt she was phoning it in. Luckily, the stars on this list, including Lupita Nyong’o, Matthew McConaughey and Emma Thompson, fall in line J-Law.

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Emma Thompson’s Greatest Awards Season Moments


If there is one standout among this year’s awards season, it’s Emma Thompson. The actress has been a total delight, owning her free spirit. While some celebrities crash and burn by the time they walk the red carpet at the Academy Awards (ahem, Anne Hathaway), Thompson is showing no signs of slowing down. Sadly for fans, she didn’t pick up an Oscar nomination this year for her role in Saving Mr. Banks, but that hasn’t stopped us from enjoying her presence at every other awards program. From martinis and heel tossing at the Golden Globes to photo-bombing at the Screen Actors Guild Awards, Thompson has been a constant delight.

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Jared Leto In Love, Emma Thompson Groovin': SAG Awards’ Silliest And Actoriest Moments

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The SAG Awards may sometimes get lumped in with a bunch of other awards shows, but the event is in a class all its own when it comes to actors either making speeches about their craft or making fun of people who make speeches about their craft. Guess which people we like best? We gathered the funniest bits here, in case you decided to watch Flowers in the Attic — or you know, go see an actual movie — instead.
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Golden Globes GIFs: Middle Fingers, Photobombs And Kerry Washington

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If there’s one thing the Golden Globes never fails to deliver on, it is providing GIF-able moments. The awards show, which gathers film and TV stars in one room for a night of drinking, elbow-rubbing and inside jokes, always results in those “OMG,” “WTF,” and “Wait, did you see that?!” incidents that make for next-day chatter and, thanks to the Internet, viral moments. (And don’t miss our round-up of the Golden Globes’ funniest quotes and gaffes.)

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Beautiful Creatures Trailer: 10 Reasons To Get Excited For The Southern Gothic Teen Flick

Alden Ehrenreich as Ethan in Beautiful Creatures

Since, oh, about January 2010, some of us have been waiting not-so-patiently to see Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl’s Beautiful Creatures translated to the big screen. The story of the teen girl with magical powers, who fears that the forces of darkness will claim her when she turns 16, and the boy who’s telepathically connected to her for some mysterious reason piqued our imaginations instantly. And the Caster Chronicles’ small-town Southern setting was certainly ripe for a Hollywood adaptation. Last night, we finally got a good hard look at how this is all coming together in the movie, set to hit theaters February 2013 with a teaser trailer. If you haven’t yet been sucked into the books, the trailer alone gives us 10 good reasons to get excited for this movie:

1. Alden Ehrenreich as Ethan Wate
Alden Ehrenreich as Ethan
Broody, handsome — but not too conventionally so — and managing that Southern drawl with grace, Ehrenreich seems to be handling the male lead quite nicely here. Ethan has his world turned upside down by Lena’s arrival, and that’ll be a lot for this up-and-comer to handle over the course of the franchise.

2. Alice Englert as Lena Duchannes
Alice Englert
Lena’s got a lot more on her shoulders than the hardship of being the new girl at school. She’s a powerful Caster (a sort of witch, for the sake of simplicity), and when she turns 16, she’ll be claimed by forces of light or the forces for dark.

3. All sorts of spooky magic

Between Lena’s freaky telekinetic skills, the telepathy linking her and Ethan and the overarching mythology surrounding the Casters and the town of Gatlin, this movie has plenty to please you Harry Potter/Matilda/Possession fans.
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Kate Winslet, Other Gorgeous Women Form Anti-Cosmetic Surgery League

Whenever A-list actresses rail against plastic surgery, our first instinct is to immediately point out that they are already the most genetically-gifted human beings on the planet, with skin that looks like it could actually be made out of flower petals. That being said, we’re all about Kate Winslet, Rachel Weisz and Emma Thompson forming the “British Anti-Cosmetic Surgery League.” Winslet told British paper The Telegraph the ladies made an anti-scalpel pact, vowing “I will never give in. It [cosmetic surgery] goes against my morals, the way that my parents brought me up and what I consider to be natural beauty … I am an actress, I don’t want to freeze the expressions of my face.” At least Winslet is in good company, seeing as how the League could also be called, “The 99% of the world’s population that couldn’t afford a face-life if they wanted one.”

Men In Black III actress Thompson agreed with the Contagion star’s passion, adding, “I’m not fiddling about with myself. We’re in this awful youth-driven thing now where everybody needs to look 30 at 60.” That’s not even counting the handful of 30-year-olds that are starting to look like 3,000-year-old space goblins.

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Dakota Fanning And Tom Sturridge To Play Lovers In Effie

Dakota Fanning and Tom Sturridge will play lovers in the Emma Thompson-penned film Effie. The movie tells the tale of Euphemia Gray‘s (Fanning) torrid marriage to famous critic John Ruskin, to be played by Greg Wise. Ruskin refused to consummate their relationship, claiming he was grossed out by Effie’s body (er, weirdo) and she eventually falls in love and marries Ruskin’s protege, painter John Everett Millais (Sturridge). According to Deadline Hollywood, production begins October 17th, which means we’ve only got two months left until Tom shaves that dead wolf off his face! *cheers*

Extensive research (Wikipedia) reveals that this true story was massive scandal in Victorian England. Effie’s decision to annul her marriage even resulted in the Queen banning her from attending official Royal events. Harsh! But she clearly made the right decision: she and Millais went on to have eight children and she was an enormous influence on his artwork.

Knowing all this, we can’t wait to see this love triangle play out onscreen. With The King’s Speech becoming last year’s little movie that could, we have high hopes for every low budget film that comes from across the Atlantic. Effie is costing just $10 million to make, which is next to nothing in Hollywood. Sounds like a future festival darling to us — what do you think?

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“Nanny McPhee” Premiere: Glam And Ham

59995729It’s not often that farm animals attend film premieres, but there was one in attendance at the Nanny McPhee And The Big Bang opening in London yesterday. Star Emma Thompson had to wrangle the animal, luckily handing it over to its trainer before it made on the carpet.

Thompson and co-star Maggie Gyllenhaal looked glamorous regardless of the fact that they were competing for attention with Porky. During filming, Gyllenhaal said of Thompson “Early on, Emma gave me a couple of notes. And she’s not directing me, she’s acting with me! If some other actor started giving me notes I would tell them to f**k off – there is not one actor I would allow that from.But they were fantastic notes – clear and totally helpful.At the premiere, Gyllenhall added “I’m her biggest fan and I know I’m not alone in thinking she is a brilliant genius. I would like to work with her on everything.” For more pictures of the stars in attendance, check out our gallery. [Photos: Getty Images]

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