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Modern Family Stars Tweet Up Some Fun While Stuck In An Elevator

If I ever had the misfortune to be stuck in an elevator — I’m mildly claustrophobic, so it’s my idea of hell — I’d like to be stuck with these these guys. The Modern Family cast members: Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Eric Stonestreet and Julie Bowen. Because they actually spent an hour stuck, you guessed it, in an elevator, all together, at the Sheraton Kansas City Hotel where they were headlining the Kids Night Out 2013 fundraiser during the weekend. While just typing this gives me hives, it’s worth mentioning that they were stuck with 15 other people in what is technically, a tin can. They ended up getting late for the show, getting on only at 10 pm, where they were supposed to start by 9 pm. But forget all of that. While I would be screaming for a paper bag to breathe into, the comedic trip ended up rolling with the punches and tweeting some hilarity about the situation. Stonestreet wrote, “I honestly handled being stuck in an elevator for 50min better than I thought. All jessetyler did was pass wind. That’s my mom in blue.” The picture you see above is from Bowen’s twitter account, which explained, “after a quick hour trapped in the service elevator, we were rescued by Duke and the Fire dept. here’s a photo from inside.” Of course, JTF’s post made us crack up the most. See for yourself.  Read more…

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Jesse Tyler Ferguson’s Twitter Pictures Make Us Wish We Were At The Emmys

Jesse Tyler Ferguson tweets At Emmys

Okay, firstly, I want to be Jesse Tyler Ferguson‘s best friend. Secondly, I want to be in a relationship as adorable as Jesse and Justin Mikita‘s. Thirdly … have you seen Jesse’s Twitter account lately? It’s on fyah! It was the best thing about the Emmys, in my opinion! The tweets were hilarious and the WhoSay images were filled with people we love and want to be BFF with along with Jesse. For instance, this one with Lena Dunham read, “Finally. The meeting of the two greatest minds of ALL time.” We agree. They are the two greatest minds of all time. Or this classic one with co-star Eric Stonestreet, saying, “you’re going down.” He’s “Lovers and Foes” with Max Greenfield and likes to give us backstage peeks with jokes like, “Right before ZooeyDeschanel pushed OfficialJLD down the stairs and took the #Emmy.” And he also tweets adorable pictures with his partner, that say, “I DID win! Look at my prize!” Melting yet? Here are the accompanying images to all his twittering. There were a lot more, like the one you see right below, but these are the top five images. Tough job!

Jesse Tyler Ferguson tweets from emmys

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Pippa Middleton, Kardashians And Katy Make Barbara Walters’ Most Fascinating List

Ooooh, we can’t wait for these interviews! Barbara Walters announced nine of her 10 Most Fascinating People of 2011 today, and while we’ve certainly heard a lot from all of them, you just know there will be new, emotional dirt revealed when the special airs on December 14 on ABC.

Pippa Middleton, Katy Perry, the Kardashians and Simon Cowell seemed like pretty obvious choices. We kind of forgot about all that Donald Trump business earlier in the year, so thanks for reminding us, Babs. To some of us, the most fascinating thing Derek Jeter did this year was break up with Minka Kelly, but there are probably more sporty things he has to talk about. Modern Family’s Eric Stonestreet and Jesse Tyler Ferguson also made the list, for reasons beyond just being adorable. And then the most fascinating person will be revealed during the show. (We’re confused by the numbers here — are the Kardashians all one person but Eric and Jesse are two people? Someone, please explain.)

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Who do you think should be #1? Courtney Stodden? Jub Jub the St. Bernard? Coco? Write in your candidates in the comments below!

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