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When Reports Surface That Eva Mendes Is Having Ryan Gosling’s Baby, The Earth Weeps

Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes

Wednesday has officially been canceled due to the news that Eva Mendes is allegedly pregnant with Ryan Gosling‘s baby. OK! magazine first reported that Eva is seven months pregnant with Baby Goose’s child, and that the entire thing is a “dream come true” for the happy couple. If love and babies and morning sickness are so great, then why do I feel so bad? 

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Crisis Management: 10 Celebs Who Checked Into Rehab To Help Their Careers

2012 NBA All-Star Game

With the news that Chris Brown has checked himself into rehab, the question on everyone’s mind is: Is this for real? The actor who has been in trouble with the law before and has a clear anger management issue has finally sought help following his arrest, which resulted in felony charges. In what appears to many to be an effort to stall jail time, Brown, like many before him, is seeking to manage his public image via a stint in rehab. But will it work like it did for others?

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Quacking Up: 20 Pics Of Intense Celebrity Duck Faces

20 Celebrity Duck Face

A few years back, a strange phenomenon seemed to take over the entertainment world. It suddenly looked like gorgeous starlettes had all sucked on something painfully tart. Or maybe they were half-assing a kiss. Or perhaps they were simply learning how to whistle. We couldn’t be sure. But over time, this strange pursed lips look became known to one and all as: the Duck Face.

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Happy New Year! Here Are Our 2013 New Year’s Resolutions For Beyonce, Taylor Swift And More Of Our Favorite Celebs

On January 1st we can start a clean slate and draft our ever crucial new year’s resolutions. Whether or not we actually achieve those goals is another matter (we’ve yet to do 2012′s spring cleaning). Nevertheless, it’s always a fun challenge to set them for ourselves…and also for our friends in Hollywood. Just like us, our celebs could use a little goal setting for 2013. Just like your mother says, we do it because we love you. Here’s our resolutions to the stars, and -most importantly- Happy New Year!

Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling – We know one of Hollywood’s hottest couples is costarring in The Place Beyond the Pines in 2013 together. However, after watching the two show their comedy chops in the latest Drunk History clips, we cannot wait to see more of these two collaborate. We know the duo has some off screen chemistry, and the silver screen may not even be able to handle the hotness between them. We have a proposition for these two for 2013: more projects together, please!

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We Went Ahead And Screencapped Ryan Gosling In The Place Beyond The Pines Trailer For You

This is not a drill. This is Ryan Gosling holding a baby and being adorable. We know it basically looks like a less violent Drive and maybe they had to dress down Bradley Cooper and Eva Mendes to achieve it, but are we wrong in thinking Ryan Gosling has never been hotter than he is in the new Place Beyond The Pines trailer? Obviously we were going to enjoy the baby, the romancing and the motorcycle, but who knew we were this into a bad bleach job and face tattoos? Just kidding, we knew all along. We realized you might know too, which is why we screencapped the gloriousness that is Ryan Gosling for your convenience:

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