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Marilyn Manson’s Karaoke Meltdown Makes Us Ask: Where Goth They Now?

Marilyn Manson seems more likely to summon the hell hound Cerberus from the gates of Hades than sing “Cry Me a River” six times at a Las Vegas karaoke bar, but according to the New York Post, that is where the Antichrist Superstar found himself this past Halloween weekend. Accompanied by his model girlfriend, Lindsay Usich, Manson allegedly “playfuly waved” a knife at his fellow partygoers before yelling, “I am sorry I went nuts, but I’m a rock star!” Finding out how Manson has been keeping himself busy made us wonder how our other favorite goth celebrities are doing. Join us, won’t you, as we journey back to a simpler, more sinister time in a segment we’d like to call “Where Goth They Now?”

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Eva Glitters, Melanie Shivers At Bad Lieutenant Screening

eva mendes & melanie brown

Nicolas Cage wasn’t able to make it to the AFI Film Festival screening of Bad Lieutenant: Port Of Call New Orleans in LA yesterday, but his female co-stars brought plenty of crazy in his absence. Eva Mendes wore a dress entirely made out of old gum…sorry, sequins…and Fairuza Balk‘s black leather gown took us all back to The Craft. But sometimes less is more, as proven by Spice Girl Melanie Brown, whose decision to attend sans pants caught plenty of eyes. It was like something out of a Werner Herzog movie…oh wait, this is one!

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