Jennifer Hudson’s Body: It’s Real And It’s Spectacular

American Idol alum Jennifer Hudson‘s new album art has been released, and Hudson looks fantastic on the cover photo. The singer and recent Weight Watchers spokeswoman has lost a lot of weight over the past couple years (she reportedly dropped 5 dress sizes) and looks like a goddess on the cover of I Remember Me. Apparently not everyone believes that it’s all her in the photo though, as Hudson Tweeted recently “I’m online reading comments about my album cover. Yes that’s my real size n yes my arms n hands are that long.” So let’s put that question to rest, okay people? The girl looks great and it’s all her. The album comes out on March 22.

Another American Idol alum who’s in the news for her transforming body is Fantasia. The Idol winner is in the process of gaining a whopping 45 pounds in order to play Mahalia Jackson in an upcoming film about the gospel singer. Filming begins in May. When asked about the weight gain, Fantasia’s manager joked that she wasn’t expecting a child, but that she is “pregnant with prosperity.” We should all have jobs that require us to eat tubs of ice cream for four months straight. Does this film need any chubby extras?

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The Fantasia Drama Continues


Things keep getting weirder and worse for Fantasia Barrino after her suicide attempt earlier this week. First, the wife of her alleged lover Antwaun Cook is threatening to sue her. Paula Cook is claiming that Fantasia is a “home wrecker”, and plans to sue her for “alienation of affection and criminal conversation”. Fantasia and Antwaun Cook were allegedly involved for eleven months, throughout which time, Fantasia claims Cook told her he was already separated and living apart from his wife. Apparently not.

Weirder still are the photos taken of Fantasia and Antwaun at her home yesterday, where the pair were seen deep in discussion…followed by a camera crew. TMZ suggests that the camera crew is filming portions of a reality show featuring Fantasia, the timing of which is just so soon after her hospital release that it just seems a little off. We’re glad she’s up and about and back home, but this is definitely bizarre and even a bit off-putting. What do you think?

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