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How Have Fergie And Josh Duhamel Talked About Their Cheating Scandal Without Confirming It?

Fergie And Josh Talk About Cheating Scandal. Sort Of

We guess there are two aspects of Fergie and Josh Duhamel‘s recent “opening up” (if you will) that we don’t get. Both the Black Eyed Peas singer and her life partner have acknowledged the skeezy stripper cheating scandal that rocked their relationship back in 2009. “When you go through difficult times it really makes you stronger as a unit. As a partnership. It does for us anyways. Our love today is a deeper love,” Fergie told Oprah for an Oprah’s Next Chapter interview that aired Sunday. “I’m actually happy that all that happened, because we wouldn’t be as strong as we are now,” Duhamel added. Okay, sure, but… here’s what we don’t understand:

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Honor St. Patty’s Day With These 17 Irish Maidens

As you gear up to rock all the green you own, guzzle emerald beer and claim you’re .05% Irish, check out which celebs actually do have the luck of the Irish in their gene pool. From Olivia Wilde to Megan Fox to Zooey Deschanel, many of Hollywood’s hottest have Celtic blood running in their veins.
Prep for the very boozy holiday with TheFABlife’s 17 Hottest Irish Maidens.

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Fergie and Will.I.Am Sued For Sampling George Clinton


As if their outfits weren’t enough, the Black Eyed Peas have embarrassed themselves in a totally new way. News on the street is that the Black Eyed Peas are being sued by George Clinton of Parliament-Funkadelic fame for sampling his 1979 song “(Not Just) Knee Deep” for remixes of a Peas tune. The suit names Fergie and Will.I.Am, as well as their label, for sampling the Clinton song in a remix of “Shut Up” from their 2003 album “Elephunk,” and on a remix featured on the deluxe addition of their 2009 album “The E.N.D.” Hmm, maybe the lawsuit will inspire Will.I.Am to write a really dark, moody concept album about dealing with the legal system. Oh, and getting crunk, of course.

Unfortunately for the Fergie and the gang, Clinton alleges that they didn’t just use the hook without permission, which would have been a jerk move in and of itself. No, the singer says that when producers tried to obtain rights to use the song in 2009, he expressly turned them down. On top of that, Clinton says his signature was forged on the release form and he has never seen a dime in the form of payment. Let’s hope the Peas don’t have beef with all of the artists they’ve sampled, or else they’ll be sued approximately 1 billion times. [Photo: Getty Images]


FABLife’s DVD Pick Of The Week


A musical based on 8 ½, the impenetrable Federico Fellini film from 50 years ago? God knows what anybody was thinking–aside from hoping that maybe this tuner would repeat the success of the Oscar-winning Chicago. The songs are pretty unmemorable and the story is as underpowered as an Audi on bricks, but there are some good things here. Daniel Day-Lewis plays the genius movie director who has run out ideas. Seeking refuge from his producers and the press at a seaside spa, he is both tormented and delighted by visions of the women in his life. Day-Lewis is as watchable as ever; Penelope Cruz does a pole dance, and Fergie is an unexpected surprise as a prostitute singing “Be Italian” like her next plate of pasta depended on it. Judi Dench warbling in a basque, however, is enough to make one drive nails through their eyes.

Extras: Commentary track, three music videos and plenty of “making of” featurettes.

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The Hottest Awards Season Accessory: Golden Globes


Tonight the Hollywood Foreign Breast Press Association recognized actors and filmmakers at the 67th Annual Golden Globe Awards. Tinseltown’s sexiest were on the red carpet, including Halle Berry, Christina Hendricks of “Mad Men,” and PreciousMariah Carey. But we hardly noticed their designer gowns, gigantic jewels, and flawless makeup, because we were too busy focusing on that other enormous accessory of the evening: their, uh, globes. Plunging necklines were abound tonight and we’ve got photographic evidence. Warning: lovely ladies lumps and bumps ahead. [Photos: Getty Images]

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MuchMusic Video Awards Wild Red Carpet


No boring little black dresses at this event! The outfits on the red carpet at the MuchMusic Video Awards in Canada were all about stripes, lace, color, cutouts, metallics, and designer tights. Stars like Kim Kardashian, Kelly Clarkson, Tila Tequila, and the Black Eyed Peas kept things colorful in wild getups that spiced up the red carpet. Check out our gallery from the MuchMusic Video Awards! [Photos: Splash News Online]

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Fergie Says She’s Bisexual Too


Did we miss the memo that all starlets had to be bi in ’09? Fergie has been the latest celeb, joining Lindsay Lohan and Megan Fox, in announcing that she likes both the men and the women.

“Put it this way, I’ve experimented definitely, but I have never had a steady girlfriend. You’ll like our next video, for I Got A Feeling, because I have a little girl-on-girl tease section of the video. I met the girls right before we did the scene. They were beautiful. They were hot,” she told the Sun.

Perhaps we’re cynical (OK, we are cynical) but this sounds like the sort of “I’m really crazy and unconventional, me!” posturing that most girls got over in high school. You’re clearly straight enough to have married Josh Duhamel, Fergs, so deal with it! [Photo: Splash News Online]


The Most Fabulous Celebrity Engagement Rings

When celebrities get engaged, it’s all about love – yeah right! When stars decide to get hitched, everyone will be looking at the engagement ring, so it better be a good one! When Hayden Christensen recently popped the question to OC starlet Rachel Bilson, he did a very good job of picking out a classy diamond for his lady love. How did other stars fare when they decided to make their love forever? From Jennifer Hudson to Beth Ostrosky to Carmen Electra, it’s all about the bling. Check out our gallery of the most fabulous celebrity engagement rings! [Photo: Splash News Online]


Glamour‘s Women Of The Year Awards Brings Out The Ladies

Everyone from Tyra Banks to Condoleeza Rice to Nicole Kidman to Jane Goodall walked away with a trophy at Glamour‘s 2008 Women Of The Year Awards last night in New York, and plenty of celebs were there to cheer them on. Check out the gallery for shots of Fergie, Sarah Michelle Gellar, America Ferrera, Taylor Swift and other women dressed up for the big event.

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