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Crime In The Summertime: 14 Celebs Who Behaved Badly (And Got Caught) This Summer

While many celebs spent the warmer months gallivanting in the Hamptons, yachting in the Mediterrean or hitting up [the VIP sections of] music festivals, some were making questionable decisions like staging a protest in Costco, brawling in bars, driving like maniacs and “servicing” themselves in movie theaters. The summer temps brought out “the naughty” in stars ranging from The Biebs to Randy Travis to Fred Willard. Here are 14 celebrities who got arrested, barely slipped by or at the least induced major facepalms this summer.

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Fred Willard Jokes About Arrest On Fallon, Might Join Lucky Celebs Who Survive Their Scandals

Most of us would have been cast out of society if we’d been caught in a compromising position at an adult movie theater, but not Fred Willard! Despite being fired from PBS, Willard seems to be taking his (seriously gross) scandal in stride, even joking about it on Fallon last night. “The movie you went to see..was it The Firm? Was it Free Willy? Was it Anaconda?” Jimmy Fallon cracked. “No, sadly it was Get Shorty,” Willard joked back. Dang, son! That takes some serious stones. Of course, if Fred rides this out like we think he will, he certainly won’t be the first celeb to survive a scandal. Celebs like…

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Fred Willard Says Being Arrested For Lewd Conduct Was “A Big Misunderstanding”, Is Fired From PBS Anyway

Fred Willard Lawyers Say He's Innocent Of "Lewd Conduct"

So, yesterday we posted the news on how Anchorman actor Fred Willard was arrested for “lewd conduct” after he was allegedly caught with his pants down at an adult movie hall. Undercover vice cops supposedly found the actor, how do we put this delicately, servicing himself? Unzipped pants, his little Willard out in full view. He was arrested but released quickly, but not quickly enough for the story to not surface. This whole thing sounds really WTF to us, and it’s getting a little weirder thanks to his weak defensive statements. Willard told TMZ that the whole “lewd conduct” arrest was just a ” big misunderstanding” and also said that “It didn’t happen.” So the cops booked him for nothing? His response was it was “a difference of opinion” and this is the really strange one — that him going to the adult theatre was prompted by “a strange situation.” Strange situation? We’re rolling our eyes.

His lawyer, Paul Takakjian, is being a lot more straightforward regarding his client’s defence. He released a statement that said, “With all due respect to the individual officer, our belief is that Fred did nothing in any violation of any law. We will be working vigorously to clear his name in this matter.” Perhaps he should re-think the use of the word “vigorously” considering the nature of the offense Willard was arrested for. Whatever the verdict is, whether he’s innocent or not, the fall-out has been quite swift and brutal. Willard has already been fired from his gig on PBS’ Market Warriors, and apparently, the network is already working on a new show that does not have the actor in it.  Looks like he’s already been proven guilty.

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Fred Willard Caught With His Pants Down, Literally, Is Arrested For “Lewd Conduct”

Fred Willard Arrested For Lewd Conduct

Sometimes a headline really does say it all. We read this story TMZ just published and our reaction was — WTF? Fred Willard was caught with his pants down at an adult movie hall, called the Tiki Theatre, last night. Cops arrested him for lewd conduct around 8.45 PM. Apparently it was a case of really bad timing for the Anchorman actor. LAPD undercover vice policemen visited the cinema and ended up finding Willard with his, er, willie out of his unzipped pants. His was, er again, servicing himself, it seems. What we want to know was, was this a routine check by police officers, or did someone call Willard in? Either way, the 72-year-old actor is out already, and we’re guessing he posted bail rather quickly. We bet he was hoping this news wouldn’t get out either. Oh, well. All we can say is, Pee Wee Herman, much? It’s just like what his Anchorman character, Ed Harken would say: “I have no idea where he would have gotten ahold of German pornography. But you and I are mature adults; we’ve both seen our share of pornographic materials. Oh, you never have? Of course you haven’t, how stupid of me. Neither have I. I was just speaking in generalities.”

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