Michael Clarke Duncan’s Girlfriend Saves His Life…What’s the Nicest Thing You’ve Done For Your Significant Other?

Talk about being eternally in someone’s debt. A few days ago Michael Clarke Duncan‘s girlfriend, Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth, found him at around 2 AM in a state of cadiac arrest. She immediately sprang into action and administered CPR on him. The Green Mile star was then brought to the hospital for further treatment and was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit. While there he was visited by his The Finder co-star, , who told TMZ that  “[he] saw him … he’s looking good … thats all we know right now.”

In a statement to Us Weekly, we learned thatMichael Clarke Duncan suffered a myocardial infarction,” but thanks to Omarosa’s quick thinking, he’s doing very well and they are looking forward to his full recovery. 

We suggest that Michael should probably start perusing for some pretty kick ass gift ideas for the gf, since you know, she saved his life! Guess you can’t really put a money sign on that favor, but it’s definitely worth at least a romantic getaway. Maui, perhaps? 

And from all of us here at VH1, we wish you a speedy recovery!

[Photo: Getty Images]