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Christina Hendricks, Banana Republic And The Mad Men Headline We Want To Read

The Mad Men season premiere must be getting closer (March 25), because today we have two MM-related headlines that we’ve decided to mash-up into the story we’d really like to read. Story 1: Christina Hendricks and her slamming bod are on the cover of the March Cosmo U.K. In the interview, she talks very sweetly about how she met her husband, Geoffrey Arend, and what she thinks of being a sex symbol. “It’s incredibly flattering and surprising, and I didn’t think for a second when I started Mad Men that people would talk about me as being sexy or a pin up. ‘My husband has a good laugh about it, of course.’ ”

Story 2: Fashionista is reporting that after the success of their first Mad Men-inspired line, they’ll be releasing a second one, with 40 pieces of men’s and women’s clothing and accessories designed with the help of the show’s costume designer, Janie Bryant.

Now the story we’d like to read: Buying these items of Banana Republic clothing will instantly make you look like Christina Hendricks or Jon Hamm. I mean, really. It’s not the 1960s anymore, can’t science come up with this product?

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Christina Hendricks’ Husband “Upset” By “Big Girl” Insults

Geoffrey Arend & Christina Hendricks

Geoffrey Arend may be the envy of many, but it’s still frustrating for the (500) Days Of Summer star when people take potshots at his wife, Mad Men bombshell Christina Hendricks. “I was just upset about the whole Golden Globes dress thing,” he told People last week, referring to an unkind New York Times‘ blog post earlier this month (“you never put a big girl in a big dress”).” I thought she looked so gorgeous. And that New York Times blogger saying that…It’s so ridiculous.” Fans lashed out at the site (which also noted an increase in arm fat on the carpet), pointing out that the accompanying photo had been artificially widened. “What was nice was seeing the entire internet come after that blogger. That was really cool. It was the first time I saw just a solid block of ‘You’re crazy! What’s wrong with you? You should be ashamed of yourself!’” The Times claims the photo alteration was an accidental, tragic coincidence.

Hendricks, who says she thought looked “gorgeous” at the ceremony, definitely hasn’t been scared of the red carpet, attending the Directors’ Guild Of America Awards on Saturday and the Screen Actors’ Guild Awards the week before. See what we she wore, as well as the infamous Globes’ dress, in the gallery below.

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Christina Hendricks Gets Married


Boys (and ladies), the mourning period begins now. Those va-va-voom curves and beautiful boobage belonging to amazing actress Christina Hendricks is officially off the market, as she’s married her fiancé Geoffrey Arend. The couple wed in a ceremony at NYC’s Il Buco restaurant on Sunday that they kept “intimate.”

As Joan Holloway in Mad Men, Christina could make a sack look sexy, so this is one wedding dress we’d kill to see. Congratulations! [Photo: Getty Images]


Christina Hendricks To Marry Some Dorky Character Actor

Christina Hendricks, the Mad Men actress who puts the “zoom” in bosom, has announced her engagement to Geoffrey Arend, an actor who has appeared in such classic films as An American Carol and National Lampoon’s Pledge This! He was also Flipper Boy in Bubble Boy. If you’ve seen all three of these movies, please begin slapping yourself until you can no longer remember them.

To state the obvious, Mr. Arend (who got his start as the voice of “Upchuck” on Daria—hot!) either has the best karma in the world or is going to be crushed by a boulder tomorrow. Not since Fisher Stevens dated Michelle Pfeiffer have we seen such a cruel, inexplicable mismatch. Either she sees something we don’t, or he’s the only guy she’s met who can look her in the eye for an entire conversation.

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