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The Flings of 2012: Russell & Ginger, Skrillex & Ellie, And Other Celebs Who Got Together (And Then Broke Up) This Year

2012! The year of The (supposed) Apocalypse. The year of “Call Me Maybe” (which may be related to the Apocalypse, who really knows?). And, finally, the year of a few ill-fated celebrity hookups. Call them flings or fleeting romances or however else you hold on to your faith in true love, from Skrillex and Ellie Goulding to Russell Brand and Ginger Spice, these are the celebs who got together and then quickly broke apart this very year:

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Secret Lady Gaga Gig Brings Out UK Sex Goddesses Past

It takes a little humility to be a famous woman at a private Lady Gaga concert—it’s like admitting you want to be a part of the new Queen’s court. So give Gaga points for getting not just Ginger Spice Geri Halliwell but Kate Moss to show up at last night’s acoustic gig at the club Annabel’s, which reportedly held only 150 people. UK comedian Stephen Fry, Will.I.Am and singer Florence Welch were also in attendance, with Lily Allen tweeting her frustration about not being able to attend.

With this kind of stunningly select audience, it’s only right that Gaga would show up wearing see-through body stockings, panties, boob tape, and a giant green veil/tarp for modesty. See photos of everyone’s outfits in the gallery below.


Spice Girls Threaten Us With Another Reunion


Um, but didn’t they all promise never ever to get up on stage together again? Apparently not, as it’s reported that the Spice Girls will reform for a one-off gig at the soccer World Cup in South Africa next year, after Mel B and husband Stephen Belafonte have put together a big money deal. Unsurprisingly though, Victoria Beckham isn’t keen.

“Mel’s determined to get the girls back together for the World Cup and wants them to plough ahead as a foursome if Victoria doesn’t want to take part. She has got the others excited by the idea of a one-off appearance. They are very interested,” reports the Sun. The news comes after the four girls – minus VB – hooked up in London last week, and Geri even took to the sofa of British TV show This Morning to hint at the possibility.

Soz, but we’re totally underwhelmed by this idea. It’s a) not been long enough since the last reunion and b) just smacks of dollar bills in the eyes. Frankly, we’d be more excited by a Glenn Medeiros comeback. [Photo: WireImage]


We Want To Get Drunk With Mel B

Out of all the former Spice Girls, the one we’d probably most want to have a night out with would be Mel B. Emma seems a bit nicey-nicey, Mel C’s too busy with her new baby, Geri would be all needy and overanalytical and just the thought of ingesting calories in front of Victoria Beckham is enough to bring us out in a rash. Thank goodness then, that Mel has fulfilled our totally spurious assessment as to her personality by indulging in a fantastically un-L.A. night out at a London hotel.

Dressed in what looked like her workout gear, Mel pitched up at the bar of the May Fair hotel with husband Stephen Belafonte and made herself comfortable. Over the next few hours they knocked back the champagne, put on a TMI floorshow for everyone else, Mel jokingly snogged a stranger and eventually had to be helped back to her room in the early hours by hotel staff. Now that’s what we call a night. [Photos: , Splash News Online]

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Geri Halliwell As Fickle As We Thought


No one personifies the fair-weather, shallow nature of celebrity “romances” better than Geri Halliwell. She’s in love! She’s getting married! No she isn’t! Now she’s back with her ex! Yep, rumors are swirling that the Spice Mama’s relationship with her ex-boyfriend, London club owner Nick House, is back on. Approximately four seconds after she broke off her engagement to Fabrizio Politi.

“She remained close to Nick throughout her engagement, and no one is surprised to see them spending time together again. He is due back [from the Marathon Des Sables] this week and Geri has planned a celebration for him at her house,” reports the Evening Standard.

We bet she has (nudge nudge, wink wink). Poor ole millionaire yacht owner Fabrizio. On second thoughts, maybe not so poor. [Photo: Getty Images]


Ginger Spice Is One Hot Mama

Geri Halliwell, aka Ginger Spice, shows off her toned bikini body on the cover of HELLO! this week. The 35-year-old Spice Girl talks to the mag about why she hasn’t “…been willingly photographed in a bikini for seven years.”  We at Scandalist wonder what took her so long, Ginger’s body looks fabulous in the white string bikini she posed in while on vacation in Mexico.

She says, “People think I’m really confident but I do get self-conscious like many women about stripping off in public.”

The mother of two-year-old Bluebell Madonna details her struggle with eating disorders and reveals, “I did strive to have my most perfect body and in moments when I lack confidence that voice is always there waiting to tell me ‘You are not good enough do better’ but I’m more conscious of it.”
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