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Taylor And Conor, Mila And Ashton Top The Best 9 Hook-Ups Of Summer 2012

New Celeb Couples Summer 2012
The hot sun, the warm sand, the intoxicating scent of bug spray: yes, the summer time is prime time for hook-ups, both celebrity and original flavor. From the clam-chowder-and-madras-plaid love of Taylor Swift and Conor Kennedy, to the surprise engagement of Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger (their wedding is going to be designed by Hot Topic, right?), check out our favorite hook-ups from summer 2012, and wish you hadn’t spent the last three months inside on your computer:

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Shock Wedding Of The Year: Giovanni Ribisi And Model Agyness Deyn Are Married

Giovanni Ribisi, Agyness Dean Married

Who and who got married, you ask? We feel your surprise, because this one’s totally come out of left field. We weren’t even aware that Giovanni Ribisi and Agyness Deyn were dating. So the fact that they are now married, well, cue the dropped jaws. It’s all true, folks, because the actor’s rep had confirmed it by saying, “It’s true. Agyness Deyn and Giovanni Ribisi quietly married in Los Angeles over the weekend.” Them getting hitched would have gone completely under radar as well, if it hadn’t been for a chance sighting by a reporter of the Crown City News who spotted them making out outside the East L.A. Branch of the the L.A. County Registrar’s Office. The piece states, “I asked him and the blond woman if they were getting married today and they quietly said yes, in a shy kind of way.” It also adds, “I asked if the two had been together for a while, and they looked at each other and kind of smiled, and he vaguely said ‘A while.’  Then I told them I was kind of embarrassed to ask, but could I get a picture of him, and he said sure, no problem.” Okay, we’re still shocked. It’s incredible how quiet they kept this news!

This is Deyn’s first marriage and Ribisi’s second. He split with his first wife, Mariah O’Brien, in 2001 and the ex-couple have a daughter, Lucia, together. Congratulations, you two crazy kids! Don’t disappear into secrecy again!

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Cannes Starts On The Up

The yachts have pulled up, celebrities have started arriving, and with the hot fashion, positive reviews, and an overjoyed audience at the Up premiere (including Asia Argento, Giovanni Ribisi, Robin Wright Penn and Tilda Swinton), the 62nd Cannes Film Festival is off to a great start.

“It’s a terrific family adventure,” The Guardian said. The loud cheers from the typically critical and vocal Cannes audience also echoed the positive response to the animated Pixar film. As the audience watched through colored 3D glasses, there was nothing but clapping and whistling to be heard. Cannes is off to a great start! Check out our gallery of the Up premiere!

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