by (@hallekiefer)

Demi Moore Cast As Gloria Steinem In Porn Biopic Lovelace

Leave it to Demi Moore to play the classiest character in a porn film. “Oh, she’ll be in your porno movie. She’ll just be playing a journalist-turned-cultural icon. With pants on. No, wait…trousers.” Deadline reports today that the Margin Call star (and soon-to-be ex Mrs. Ashton Kutcher) will be playing feminist leader Gloria Steinem in the upcoming movie Lovelace. Actually, now that we think of it, Gloria Steinem might have even invented pants. Right, you guys? We can’t hear you saying “no,” so we can assume we’re correct on this one.

After beating out contenders like Olivia Wilde for the role, Amanda Seyfried will be starring in the film as porn actress Linda Lovelace, who worked with Steinem after blowing up big in the adult film arena. In addition to Demi, Peter Sarsgaard is confirmed for Lovelace’s allegedly abusive husband Chuck Traynor, while James Franco cameos as Hugh Hefner. Adam Brody is also on board as Lovelace’s Deep Throat, err, co-star Harry Reems. Hmmm, maybe Demi should put on just a couple more pairs of slacks. Nobody wants this to turn into another Striptease, do they? Again, since we can’t hear you, we just have to assume you’re agreeing with us, as always.

[Photo: Getty Images]