Producers Seek Oscar-Nominated Directors For Breaking Dawn

Ed and Bella

The Twilight series may be enjoying massive commercial success and enjoy a rabidly devotional cult, but there’s still one thing it’s failed to achieve: prestige! According to some hot gossip from EW, Summit Entertainment is trying to rope an Oscar-nominated director to classy up their adaptation of the final book, Breaking Dawn, which will likely be split into two movies. Among those mentioned were Milk director Gus Van Sant, Lost In Translation‘s Sofia Coppola and ShowgirlsBill Condon, with Van Sant confirming he had been contacted.

Anyone who’s read (or even just read about) the final Twilight novel knows how far it steps from the Pacific Northwest vamp romance of the first book, with one heck of a birthing scene in store for Kristen Stewart and some seriously creepazoid activity from Taylor Lautner‘s Jacob. Judging from their decision to contact Coppola and Condon rather than hailed horror-heads like David Cronenberg or David Lynch (both of whom have respectively delivered monster babies in The Fly and Eraserhead), the producers may be looking for someone who can make this gothic garishness as pretty as possible…and not scare away those who came for romance. With shooting planned for this Fall, it shouldn’t be long before we get a name.

[Photo: Summit Entertainment]