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Will Beasts Of The Southern Wild‘s Quvenzhane Wallis Join These Past Child Oscar Nominees?

Beasts Of The Southern Wild's Quvenzhane Wallis Rumored For Oscar Noms

You know what the Academy Awards have been missing recently? Adorableness. That all might change if Beasts of The Southern Wild actress Quvenzhane Wallis gets nominated for a Best Actress Oscar. According to Hit Fix (as well as anyone who actually saw Beasts Of The Southern Wild) 9-year-old Wallis’ turn as the protagonist Hushpuppy could make her the youngest actress to win that particular award. Which got us thinking about all the child nominees and winners that came before. Why can’t the Oscars be entirely child actors and actresses? Ratings would go through the roof! Someone make a call to Bruce Vilanch, and in the meantime we’ll look back at kid nominees from Jodie Foster to Haley Joel Osment to Shirley Temple.

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Haley Joel Osment To See Even More Dead People In Frankenstein Film

He sees dead people! Only this time they’re all cobbled together and brought back to life for Haley Joel Osment’s Frankenstein movie Wake The Dead. The Sixth Sense star is slated to appear in the upcoming horror film as Victor Franklin (get it?), a college student who goes all mad scientist in his attempts to re-animate the deceased. So basically we’re looking at Weekend at Bernie’s 3: Freshman Year. Victor better pray that the varsity calypso band isn’t practicing down the hall from his lab, or that monster is out of there.

If that doesn’t sound spooky/random enough for you, for some reason Slash will be producing the film. It’s been a while since Haley’s last feature film, 2007′s Home of the Giants, though he has both Sassy Pants and Montana Amazon with Alison Brie slated to come out this year. Maybe Osment’s next film can following the horrifying tale of a boy who’s body ages, but who’s face remains in the pristine, doll-like state it was in when he was seven. It’ll be called The Haley Joel Osment Story.


10 One-Hit Oscar Wonders

Which is better: to be nominated for Oscars year after year and never win like Kate Winslet, or to win once like Halle Berry and spend the rest of your life making crap like Gothika? For a variety of reasons, from the lack of good roles for talented actors without star power, to the poor choices of a star gone wild, some Oscar winners and nominees have only tasted Academy love once in their life. Here are ten of our favorite one-hit Oscar wonders.

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