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The 10 Most Successful Stars Of The Skins Franchise


Teenage drama is common fodder for TV serials, but somehow when Skins showed up on Britain’s E4 in 2007, it was as if they’d recreated the genre. Nothing was off limits; sex, drugs, eating disorders, depression, illness, death, more drugs and a weird Cat Stevens sing-along were all explored with raw, painful realness on the show, complete with relatively unknown actors who were actually the age of the characters they played. And they did so in painfully cool, hipster-ish, thrift store outfits! Really, what’s not to love?

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Skins Star Hannah Murray Heads To Game Of Thrones

Time to shout “Oh. Wow.” from the rooftops, fans of UK Skins! Hannah Murray, whose understated and touching portrayal of the oh-so messed up Cassie still gives us goosebumps, has been cast on the next season of Game of Thrones. TV Guide reports that Hannah “will play Gilly, one of the many women living with Old Craster who wants to escape his oppression.” We’re thrilled for Hannah, who has slowly been building her resume with various film roles since her stint on Skins ended. What say you, Game of Thrones fans?

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