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A Tiny Bit Of Good News: Dark Knight Shooter Charged, Film’s Composer Pens Song For Victims

Dark Knight Shooting Suspect James Holmes Charged

While there’s no possible way to put a positive spin on the Dark Knight Rises shooting, which happened in Aurora, Colorado on June 20, hopefully recent developments will give some solace to victims and their families. Oh, and that visit from Batman himself probably didn’t hurt either. Less than two weeks after allegedly killing 12 people and wounding dozens more at the Century Aurora 16, suspect James Holmes has been charged with 142 counts, including 24 counts of murder, 116 counts of attempted murder and one count of possession of explosives stemming from the booby trap the former neuroscience grad student set for authorities at his apartment. Experts postulate that the trial will largely revolve around Holmes’ sanity at the time of the shooting. Based on all the details surrounding the case, that will not be surprising in the least.

Meanwhile, Dark Knight Rises composer Hans Zimmer has written a charity song to benefit the Aurora Victim Relief Organization. He posted the haunting, lovely tune to his Facebook page on Friday, explaining, “‘Aurora’ is dedicated to those who lost their lives and were affected by the tragedy in Aurora, Colorado. I recorded this song in London in the days following the tragedy as a heartfelt tribute to the victims and their families.” You can get the song by donating at least 10 cents, or you can make the organization’s day by giving more than the handful of pennies you found jammed between your couch cushions. We think you know which one we’ll be picking. (Hint: it’s not the pennies.)

[Photo: Splash News Online]