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Our 10 Favorite Celebrity-Rocker Couples Of The ’80s And ’90s: A Rock Of Ages Fashion Flashback

Richie Sambora and Cher, Heather Locklear and Tommy Lee, Ric Ocasek and Paulina Porizkova, Valerie Bertinelli and Eddie Van Halen

As we gear up for the release of Rock of Ages this week, we’ve been looking back at some of the trends the nostalgic musical so lovingly celebrates, like Malin Akerman’s sexy rocker-chick look and Mary J. Blige’s flashy jumpsuits. More than any one fashion, the movie reminds us of one big trend the late ’80s and early ’90s were famous for: the groupie. Not just the girls who flashed their goods from the audience or hung around by the tour buses, either — there were plenty of high-profile ladies who were eager for a backstage pass. And some of them got a lot more than a private concert in the bargain.

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As we gathered this list of our favorite celebrity-rocker pairs, from Cher and Gene Simmons to Tommy Lee and Heather Locklear, one other thing became very evident: All of these couples seemed to share taste in makeup, tight pants, big hair and baggy blazers. It even looks like Eddie Van Halen and Valerie Bertinelli got their hair cut together. And maybe Rod Stewart and Rachel Hunter could swap blazers, while Axl Rose and Stephanie Seymour traded acid-washed jeans. We’re not sure what exactly Melissa Gilbert and Billy Idol had in common, but, yeah, that happened!

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Heather Locklear Is Not In Rehab But Under “Doctor’s Care”

Just three weeks ago, Heather Locklear was hospitalized for taking a mix of alcohol and prescription drugs. She is fortunately, on the mend now, in a large part due to the fact that help and medical attention came so quickly. As part of the recovery, it was reported that Heather was heading to rehab. People is now reporting that she isn’t going to a treatment center but has chosen to be “under a doctor’s care” and has “decided for now to seek recovery without an in-patient program.”  

The source who revealed this information further explained: “Her family and friends haven’t given up hope, but they know that for her to get well, she has to want it for herself. “She’s the only one who can do it.” We really hope that this is the right path for her and wish her well with overcoming her demons.

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Heather Locklear Hospitalized For Taking Mix Of Alcohol And Prescription Drugs

Heather Locklear was rushed to hospital yesterday after taking a very dangerous combination of alcohol and prescription drugs. She had to be taken by ambulance after her sister called 911, panicked that the actress was in trouble. According to TMZ, Heather was lucid and awake when she arrived, and doctors reckon she may be well enough to be released tomorrow, as she’s responding positively to treatments.

What is going on with Heather? We know she just broke it off with fiance Jack Wagner. Was she drinking heavily? What prescriptions drugs is she taking? The latter’s an old demon of hers. She had taken one too many back in 2008, which her doctor thought was an overdose and the 911 operator thought was a suicide attempt. It was later found out to be a false alarm. So many questions. But we’ll ask them when she’s better, which we hope she will be soon.

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Heather Locklear’s Butt Is Not One Of A 50-Year-Old

As though the gallery we posted yesterday of Heather Locklear through the years wasn’t jaw-dropping enough, the MILF poster child hit the beach with her fiance (and fellow Melrose Place alum) Jack Wagner. At times donning nothing but an itsy bitsy black polka dot bikini, Locklear was in tip-top form, with not a dimple to be seen. Fitness has always been a priority for the TV starlet (check out her scrunchy-socked workout video) and it seems her dedication to the gym is continuing to pay off. Lookin’ good! [Photo: Splash News Online]

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Heather Locklear: Stone Cold Fox At 50

A star of the boob tube since age 18, Heather Locklear is one of Hollywood’s ageless wonders. The feather-haired actress turns 50 today and looks as sexy as ever. From her early years on T.J. Hooker, Dynasty and most famously Melrose Place, to revisiting Amanda Woodward on the recently revamped Melrose Place, Locklear brings her fresh-faced glow to every role she touches. To celebrate this ever-hottie heading over the hill, let’s take a look back at Heather through the years.

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Lindsay Turns Down $1M Paycheck To Appear On Celebrity Rehab


Proving that she either really doesn’t need the money, is too proud to get help, or she just hates Dr. Drew Pinksy that much, Lindsay Lohan has reportedly turned down a lucrative offer to appear on the latest season of Celebrity Rehab. The show was willing to pay the actress whatever she is $1 million to appear on Rehab and Sober House.

TMZ reports that a few other celebs were approached for the show, and they’re a fairly A-list bunch compared to prior years, but they all said no. The list includes Heather Locklear, who was just busted for driving into a sign, Brooke Mueller, and Jenna Jameson. To be fair, Jameson has been cleared of drug use so it’s no wonder she declined. Charlie Sheen is reportedly on the show’s list of candidates as well, but we’re pretty sure that will never happen. No word on who else will participate in the upcoming season which starts filming next month.

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Heather Locklear Continues To Ruin Driving Record With Hit And Run


Heather Locklear, professional she-demon of 1990’s television, has once again gone and mortified herself on the open road. The actress was busted for a hit and run last Saturday, after she apparently ran into a “no parking” sign at 4 in the morning and then left the scene of the, uh, crime.

Cops did a little bit o’ cop magic and figured out that the car in question was Locklear’s black BMW. When they later cruised past her house they noticed a bunch of damage on the car – we’ve learned from watching TV that this is called evidence! – and cited her for the accident. No arrest actually took place, which was surely a relief for Heather as she’s already suffered through one humiliating incident with the cops when she was arrested for a DUI in 2008.

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Charlize And Stuart PDA-dorable At Lakers Game


Not since Jay-Z and Beyonce has a couple looked so in love at a sporting event. Charlize Theron and Stuart Townsend have always kept their romance private (some speculate they’ve secretly wed) but at last night’s Lakers game, they became frontrunners for Hollywood’s cutest couple. The pair cuddled and laughed courtside, alongside fellow celebs Nicky Hilton, Sacha Baron Cohen, Adam Levine, the Kardashian sisters, David Beckham, Heather Locklear, and Lakers mainstay Jack Nicholson. Who knew the Staples Center was the hottest spot in Hollywood? [Photos: Getty Images & Splash News Online]

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David Spade Buys 300 Guns For Phoenix Police

David Spade never ceases to surprise. He is always nabbing hot blondes like Heather Locklear and Nicolette Sheridan and impregnating playmates in between. Today, however, he did something that really came out of nowhere.

David popped into a Phoenix police station and donated $100,000 toward the purchase of rifles for patrol officers. According to a source, David asked, “there be no fanfare or media attention” when he dropped off his check, which is funding “the purchase of rifles to help keep our patrol officers and community safe.”

Who knew? [Source: People; Photo: Getty Images]


Attorney: It Was Reporter’s ‘Civic Duty’ To Call In Tip On Heather Locklear

The attorney representing Jill Ishkanian, the reporter who called 911 to report Heather Locklear‘s erratic driving, said that although Jill profited from the photos she took, the phone call to authorities was motivated by “civic duty.” Ishkanian sold the images of Heather Locklear’s DUI arrest to TMZ for $27,000, her attorney Nicholas Tepper revealed.

Tepper defended Ishkanian’s right to photograph the incident. “The fact she witnessed Ms. Locklear’s erratic driving and reported it to the police did not mean she was disqualified from reporting the story, which she in fact did,” he said.

Heather was busted Saturday afternoon for suspicion of a DUI after Ishkanian phoned authorities, which sources close to the former Us Weekly reporter say, “…saved Heather’s life.

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