Spencer Pratt’s Parent’s Cut Him Out (Of Their Photos)

59673260So Heidi Montag wants a restraining order against her mother, she never calls her father, she and Spencer Pratt have stopped speaking to his sister Stephanie and we’ve often wondered, where are his parents in this whole mess? Well, the Pratts are still (for good reason) choosing to stay somewhat anonymous, but Us Weekly reports that they too have distanced themselves from the Botoxic Twins.

A source tells the magazine “They noticed him changing two years ago and stayed by his side. But now it’s too much. They even took the pictures of him out of their home.” Sorry, laser-background school picture of Spencer, you’re outta here! Apparently the estranged feeling is mutual because Spencer stopped talking to them a awhile ago when “he felt his parents would talk to him only about Stephanie and that they charged him with taking care of her.” Which also makes us wonder why, as parents, they weren’t taking care of their drunkorexic daughter themselves, but whatever. These are your celebrities, America. Manipulative media whores who alienate their families and everyone around them and get rich doing it. Sigh.

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Heidi Montag Calls The Cops On Her Mom


Happy belated Mother’s Day, Mom! Hope you like being manhandled by the LAPD! That’s roughly what was running through Heidi Montag‘s head when she decided to call the cops on her mother, Darlene Egelhoff, who showed up to Montag’s Los Angeles home today unannounced. Just when you thought they couldn’t be more dysfunctional, right? They had to get the authorities involved because a mother wanted to talk to her daughter.

Heidi explained why she did it to People, saying “I told my mom a while ago I need space from her. And she just showed up at our door unannounced and tried to get in. She was yelling about how I was being held against my will which couldn’t be farther from the truth.” The police advised Egelhoff  that she should leave since it’s within Heidi’s rights not to speak to her if she doesn’t want to, and Egelhoff left of her own accord. Well, Heidi may not want to see you, but Darlene, we are here for you. Between Spencer Pratt calling you a “vagina” and reveling in your home’s foreclosure, and the disaster of a body your daughter just created, we’re here if you need a surrogate, un-enhanced daughter-type to hang with.

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Spencer Pratt On Mother-In-Law’s Foreclosure: “The Best News I’ve Heard All Day”

Spencer Pratt, Heidi Montag & Darlene Egelhoff

Spencer Pratt doesn’t save his family hatorade for The Hills. When Heidi Montag‘s hubby found out the bank put property owned by mother-in-law Darlene Egelhoff in foreclosure after she failed to pay off a $189,000 loan, the bearded devil couldn’t bother to hide his glee. “If that’s true,” he told TMZ. “That is the best news I’ve heard all day long.” Seems Spence is still furious about how Egelhoff reacted to her Heidi’s plastic surgery binge on the program. “Anybody who would do what she did to her daughter—my amazing, beautiful, magnificent wife Heidi—on national television…should be put in a straight jacket.” Guess it takes someone who should be committed to know one!

Despite keeping a s—list that includes Heidi’s mom, Heidi’s sister, Spencer’s sister, every woman on The Hills not named Heidi, Snooki and even MIA (“MIA should be kicked out of America today for using the US flag on her Nazi like hit squad in her new music video!”), Spencer’s been oddly quiet on Twitter, not posting since May 3rd after several days of nothing but Fistbumping For Love retweets. Is he pulling a John Mayer on us or is the world really that lucky?

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Our Gif To You: What Happened On The Hills


The second episode of The Hills‘ final season [sigh of relief] aired last night, and true to form what lasted 30 minutes can easily be summed up in 30 seconds. To recap the drug use accusations, DD (soon-to-be-H) boobs, and plenty o’ vacant stares, we’re presenting you with the most concise summary on the internet, after the jump.

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Heidi Montag Wants Another Boob Job

Heidi Montag

In case you wondered what Speidi’s next reality show would be like—here’s a big, big clue. Heidi Montag is reportedly looking for an unlicensed European doctor willing to perform another breast enhancement. “She wants to do it within the next two months and film it for the new TV show she and Spencer have been pitching,” an insider told Life & Style. Hubbie Spencer Pratt explained this has nothing to do with gawkers being used to the old model. “When Heidi woke up from the anesthesia [last time], she was angry [her breasts] weren’t bigger. She said she wanted to punch the doctor in the face. I try to stop her. She’ll do what she wants with her body.”

Spencer blames Ryan Seacrest for driving his wife over the edge on his radio show. “When Heidi entered the studio, Ryan told her that her breasts didn’t look that big to him,” not realizing she didn’t think they were ridiculous enough. “She was taken aback. She came home in shock.” Sounds like she won’t rest until they’re bigger than Seacrest! Will this news bring them a new TV deal or scare away the networks?

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Kristin Cavallari Would Like To Keep The Hills Alive


Fake reality show fans, listen up! The upcoming season of The Hills marks the end of the show, but it may get an extension. If Kristin Cavallari has her way, the gang of ne’er-do-anythings might add an additional twelve episodes to the show’s roster, making for one super-sized final season.

Cavallari told E! Online “There’s a possibility of them ordering 12 more episodes.” She loves being back on the show and explained “I’m in such a rhythm with things and I’m having a great time. We’re just now starting to get into some really good juicy stuff with a few new people. So I think we could do another 12 episodes and make it pretty good.” One reason it may be easier to film additional episodes could be the absence of Spencer Pratt. Cavallari confirmed that Spencer “got kicked off the show like a month and a half ago. He’s done; he’s completely done.” And it has nothing to do with Spencer’s new job fighting cyber crime either, Cavallari confirmed to Regis and Kelly that the reason for his exit is because Spencer threatened a Hills producer’s life. Weird, he didn’t Twitter about that.

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Paulina Porizkova Blasts Heidi Montag And Kate Hudson Over Plastic Surgery


Supermodel Paulina Porizkova had some choice words to say about fellow plastic surgery patients Heidi Montag, Madonna and Kate Hudson, in a blog post she wrote for

Apart from calling The Hills star a “cheap plastic pool float,” she had this to say about Madge, “Madonna no longer looks like Madonna: what started as a sexy, well-shaped, and somewhat hairy Italian girl has ended as a cool Nordic blonde . . . she is starting to sort of melt away into the stew of the famous women over-fifty-high-cheek- boned blondes-who-cannot-frown.”

As for Kate Hudson, who is rumored to recently have gone for breast implants, Porizkova had this to say, ” She just looks like any California blond actress. Instead of enhancing, she has diminished herself.”

Ouch. We know Spencer Pratt will have something to say about Paulina’s comments, but will any of the ladies respond with their own insults aimed at the fomer supermodel?

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Spencer Pratt Mocks Kate Hudson’s Alleged Boob Job

Spencer Pratt & Kate Hudson

Spencer Pratt may have expressed some concerns about Heidi Montag‘s plastic surgery when the latest model of his Stepford Wife was revealed last January (“I’m her husband—not her owner…I may not be okay with things, but it’s not my call”), but the same supportive nature that forced him to repress such qualms has now made him a silicone enthusiast. How else can we explain his mockery of Kate Hudson‘s alleged boob job on Twitter? “How is it possible to get breast implants and still not have breasts! – Kate H – get ur money back… I gotta guy who will hook you up!”
Spencer has been on attack mode ever since Audrina Patridge dared to discuss Heidi’s health with George Lopez, joining the choir on Ke$ha’s SNL performance (“looks like a dragon on E threw up on a super hero outfit”) and slamming everyone from Snooki (“I’m coming for you…shark fin in the water…watch out…”) to Lauren Conrad (“Heard you were pitching a show about your fashion line. What’s it called ‘for sale’ or ‘discount rack’?”) to Al Qaeda (“Getting it done. Can’t hide from us…”). “Feeling this free speech today,” he exclaimed. “Can’t shut me down. U feel me?”

Check out the gallery of Kate before and after her alleged operation (one Us Weekly rumor and we can’t stop staring!). R U feeling Spencer on this or R U wishing he’d tweet in hell?

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Heidi Accuses Hills Creator Of Sexual Assault, Lauren Says Claims Are “Absurd”


Add this to the list of things Heidi Montag is doing to stay relevant in the wake of The Hills‘ cancellation: she is considering pressing charges against the show’s creator, Adam DiVello, for inappropriate sexual behavior.

Montag claims that after she got her plastic surgeries, DiVello groped her newly scooped-out back and plumped-up ass. Meanwhile, Lauren Conrad says that Heidi’s accusations are false, telling Us magazine “I am in utter shock at the allegations made against Adam DiVello. Not only are they completely absurd, but they are 100 percent without merit. Adam is a true professional and a wonderful person to work for.”

A source told Perez Hilton that “tension on the set of The Hills has truly escalated in the last few weeks and Spencer and Heidi are very close to bringing legal action against the show,” as a result of the inappropriate behavior toward Heidi. DiVello’s unwanted touching is the reason she has started traveling with an entourage of security lately. The source, clearly someone from Team Heidi and not a neutral party, also said “Adam can get away with that with the Audrinas and Kristins of reality TV but not with Heidi! He is a pervert and a creep. The other girls dont feel they can’t defend themselves because they are afraid they will lose their job if they talk about the man’s workplace behavior. Heidi will not tolerate sexual assault in the workplace!” Not to diminish the point, but, um, they’ve already lost their jobs, right? This kind of behavior though IS creepy and unacceptable, but no charges have officially been filed against DiVello, and MTV spokesperson told Us “We have looked into this matter and the allegations made against Adam DiVello are completely false and without merit.” [Photo: Getty Images]