by (@katespencer)

Will Robert Pattinson Play Jeff Buckley In Biopic?

Every time someone utters the words “Jeff Buckley biopic” our 15-year-old self sighs deeply and weeps into her flannel shirt. In case you grew up after the Decade the Music Died – aka the mid-90s – Jeff Buckley was a shaggy haired, bony hunk with an angel’s voice, who was destined to save post-grunge rock n’ roll (listen to “Last Goodbye” below). He released one amazing album, Grace, and then tragically and bizarrely drowned in a river while on tour in 1997, crushing the music n’ makeout-filled dreams of every depressed teenage girl lurking around her local Orange Julius with a Discman in hand. A Buckley biopic has been talked about for yearsssssss, but now there’s a director attached – the very likable Jake Scott, who most recently worked with Kristen Stewart, Melissa Leo and James Gandolfini in Welcome to the Rileys.

Robert Pattinson is rumored to be into the part and he’d be an interesting choice, because Pattinson can sing – and play guitar – quite well. Like, for reals. And with production set to start in the fall, he may be able to squeeze it in between shooting Cosmopolis in the summer and promoting Breaking Dawn come October/November. (And yes, Jake has directed Rob’s girlfriend, so it’d be all cute and family-ish.)

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