Ice Cube Joins The 21 Jump Street Movie

Details about the Jonah Hill-produced 21 Jump Street movie have been slowly unfolding and we know that Channing Tatum has been attached to the film for a few months. Now it’s confirmed that Ice Cube will also star in Jump Street as the precinct captain. We’re guessing this means that Tatum is taking on the Johnny Depp role, while Hill is…Peter DeLuise? We’re not sure who corresponds to who, actually. We’re more shocked that a show that aired on Fox in the 80’s before Fox was, you know, a “real” network, is getting remade.

So now that the principle players have been cast, what we’re really wondering though is who from the original series is going to come back for a cameo in the reboot. Will it be Richard Grieco? A DeLuise (Peter or Michael)? Holly Robinson Peete? Our money’s on Peete.

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ice cube & leah remini

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