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Hot Girls In Hot Rods: Megan Fox, Imogen Poots + More Vixens Who Get Our Motors Running

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This weekend’s car chase thriller, Need for Speed, features Aaron Paul in his first leading role post-Breaking Bad, a bevy of crazy awesome car chases and one smoking hot chick driving a hot rod. We’re talking of course about Imogen Poots and after this weekend, the British beauty is joining the ranks of Megan Fox, Amber Heard and more hot girls who burned up the cinema screen in muscle cars.

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After The Condom Incident, Why Would Zac Efron Flip Out Over A Few Sex Shop Photos?

Zac Efron filming a movie in a sex shop in NYC

Hmmm. These reports about Zac Efron allegedly “freaking out” and chasing down a photographer who snapped his photo in New York sex shop Fantasy World make us want to slip on our Sherlock Holmes hat and get to the bottom of things. (Did you know those hats are called deerstalkers? No, really!) Let’s look at the evidence:

Why would Zac be so perturbed to have his photo taken in a sex shop if he was allegedly there to film a scene for his upcoming film Are We Officially Dating? with Imogen Poots. Obviously he knows we will see him standing amid the sex toys on the big screen eventually. More importantly, Zac has already been snapped chilling next to some adult props when a fan posed with him and then-girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens in 2008. Even more tellingly, Zac handled that incident with aplomb, laughing that his mother stuffed his Christmas stocking with condoms. Zac Efron told the world about his mother giving him condoms! Does that sound like the kind of guy who would be squeamish about being seen near a few bottles of lube? We think not.

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First Look: Penn Badgley As Jeff Buckley

There are two Jeff Buckley movies in the works — and the biopic starring Penn Badgley and Imogen Poots just started shooting in Brooklyn this week. Greetings from Tim Buckley is a love story set to the backdrop of Jeff Buckley’s performance at his father’s tribute concert in 1991. Both father and son passed away at a tragically young age: Tim died at 28 from a heroin overdose, Jeff drowned at the age of 31. We’re excited to see Imogen Poots’ star continue to rise; in addition to looking like the super-human love child of Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet, she’s massively talented. Pics below!

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