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Untamed City Invites YA Fans Into A Truly Dark Realm – And We Fantasy Cast The Movie


A lot of the young adult novels I count as my not-so-guilty pleasures flirt with dark and dangerous things without plunging all the way into gothic territory — amid all that vampire/werewolf/ghost/fairy drama there are still the token high school scenes or light-hearted moments between friends. Not so with Melissa Marr’s books (like Wicked Lovely), and certainly not so with her latest, Untamed City: Carnival Of Secrets, which hit shelves last week. It creates a deliciously dark fantastical other world, called the City, where daimons rule, fight, murder and prostitute themselves to survive. Parallel to that world, the human domain is not much lighter, at least not for Mallory, a girl raised by her adoptive witch father Adam, who has kept her living on the run her whole life, fearing daimons who are after him for stealing from their leader, Marchosias. What Mallory doesn’t know is that she is what Adam stole. She’s really Marchosias’ daughter, which means she’s also the very species she’s been training her whole life to fight.

As if her life weren’t complicated enough, just when she becomes friends (or something more) with a boy named Kaleb, her father decides it’s time for them to move again. That might not be such a bad thing, as Kaleb is actually a daimon hired to find and kill Mallory. That’s just one of many things lowborn “curr” Kaleb has done to earn a living for himself and his packmate Zevi, none of which he is proud of. That’s why he’s also participating in the City’s annual gladiator-style tournament that will elevate the winner to ruling class status.

The story also follows another two participants in the tournament, high-born girl Aya and the man who loves her, Belias. Unfortunately, we meet these two just as they’re matched up to battle each other, and only one of them is destined to survive. That fight is depicted in the book’s official trailer above.
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8 Looks That Should Have Been Slimed At The Kids’ Choice Awards

Where there is a best-dressed list, there must be a worst-dressed list. It’s the yin and yang of a red carpet. Or, in the case of the 2012 Kids’ Choice Awards, the orange carpet. And plenty of these looks did get slimed later on, by the way. Like Heidi Klum‘s weird Pippi Long Stockings outfit. Love the dress. Can’t understand the long grey boots she had on? Her legs looked bandaged. Ashley Tisdale has also made it to this list, sadly. It’s the classic case of pretty girl, bad dress. It was an orange Kymerah mullet with a weird, printed underskirt. Those fringed black heels didn’t help her case, either.

Then there was Katy Perry, God bless her. Her look was what we’d like to call Day-Glo meets Kermit the Frog. And considering Jada Pinkett Smith‘s daughter, Willow Smith is such a budding fashionista in her own right, we’re wondering what went wrong with mamma? Her Catharine Malandrino pink jumpsuit just ended up making her look boxy (not foxy, sadly.) And it’s hard to make such a tiny woman look so disproportionate. The zebra platforms were a fail as well. We were also quite disappointed with Isabelle Fuhrman who normally looks so well turned out on a carpet. This time, her chunky black heels and polka-dotted Jason Wu shift didn’t make the cut. See for yourself, along with all the other missteps, in the gallery below.

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10 Fabulous Looks Of The Ladies On The Hunger Games Red Carpet

The Hunger Games red carpet in L.A last night was full of bright, bold fashion. We’ve already given you a heads up about how incredible Jennifer Lawrence was looking in shimmering, gold Prabal Gurung. Elizabeth Banks revved it up as well in a bright orange Atelier Versace cocktail dress. Looks like someone was trying to be the girl on fire on this carpet, huh? We all know that redheads in green makes for a winning combination. Jacqueline Emerson served as a great reminder of that style staple, wearing a lovely strapless green Grecian gown. Apart from these three ladies, our favorite look of the evening goes to Isabelle Fuhrman, who wore an ethereal gold embroidered frock. She reminds us of Rooney Mara, somehow.

Miley Cyrus was there too, supporting boyfriend Liam Hemsworth. She wore all black — a strappy top and sheer, embroidered skirt that on anyone else would have looked a tad belly dancer-esque. But Miley pulled it off! It really was a night to pull things off, too. Leslie Mann wore a Monique Lhuillier jumpsuit and we normally can’t stand jumpsuits, especially on a red carpet. But — and say this with us, guys — she pulled it off. To get an idea of what we’ve been talking about, take a peek at the gallery below.

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Hunger Games Casts Final Tributes

As of today, the last of the Hunger Games tributes have been chosen…to fight ’til the death! Rounding out the cast as District 2 tributes Cato and Clove is Race to Witch Mountain‘s Alexander Ludwig and Orphan‘s Isabelle Fuhrman. Anyone who remembers Fuhrman as Esther from the 2009 horror film knows you do not want to be locked in a grusome battle with her. With the addition of Woody Harrelson as Haymitch Abernathy, it looks like it’s almost time to let the games begin! Check out your Hunger Games cast, as it stands so far, in the gallery.

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