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The Old Spice Guy Is The Superhero Your Superhero Could Smell Like

Sweet Christmas! As the Old Spice Guy Luke Cage trailer attests, Isaiah Mustafa can do more than just sit on a horse and have his clothes magically whisked off his body while seducing you with his eyes (though he can also do all of those things extremely well). He can also punch through a wall, survive a medical experiment that gives him superhuman strength and, well, okay, seduce a woman with his eyes. Gotta play to his audience. As if that wasn’t enough to convince you, Mustafa made the trailer himself as a bid to be cast as the Marvel ex con-turned-crime fighter, one of the first African-American superheros to garner his own comic books series.

The Isaiah Mustafa Luke Cage casting idea isn’t a new idea; Mustafa himself approached Marvel with the idea, though rumors suggest Jamie Foxx and Tyrese are currently in the running for the lead. As Mustafa told comic book news site Superhero Hype, Marvel has “really developed the African-American characters. Luke Cage has a lot going on. He’s this man, he’s got all these powers and abilities and he can use them to save whatever major city, but instead of doing that he uses them to help Harlem. He wants to fix his neighborhood, and that’s what’s so admirable to me. Instead of leaving and going someplace bigger, he stays right where he needs to be and tries to do the best that they can.” We want two tickets to that thing we like, and the thing we like is this movie.

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The Old Spice Guy Is Single & Ready To Mingle, Though Not With Kathy Griffin

We’re personally closer to Kathy Griffin than Isaiah Mustafa on the scale of 1 to…well, Isaiah Mustafa, so we secretly thrilled to hear rumors that the Old Spice Guy and Kathy Griffin might be dating. Unfortunately, life is so rarely like the plot of She’s All That, and today the man himself went out of the way to establish that Isaiah Mustafa is single. Not that he doesn’t love and admire his friend Kathy, just not in that way. “I think she is amazing!” Mustafa gushed about the carrot-top comedian. “I think she’s a force of nature. And she’s on Broadway, so if you get a chance, go check her out!” Looks like we’ll have to find someone else to love our ponytail, glasses and paint-spattered overalls…we mean Kathy’s! Yeah, that’s the ticket…

So if Ms. Griffin isn’t currently using Isaiah’s strong yet forgiving chest as a pillow, which lucky lady is? “I just happen to be a single man!” Mustafa explained. “I like brunettes. I like red-heads or gingers. I like blonds!” BUT WHAT ABOUT PAINT-SPATTERED OVERALLS? Can’t they ever get any love?

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Russell Brand Earns Cosmo “Fun Fearless Male” Honor By Biting Editor-In-Chief

Though Russell Brand was certainly living up to the concept of Cosmopolitan‘s Fun Fearless Males Of 2011 event last night in NY (that’s editor-in-chief Kate White he’s chomping on), he didn’t sound that confident tweeting before the gala. “Tonight I am being awarded by Cosmo for being fun and fearless. But punished by the cosmos for being a terrified drag.” Thankfully, wife Katy Perry knew just what to do—cover Lady Gaga. “Don’t be a drag, just be a queen!” she responded, inspiring Russell to tweet back “in your honour I shall go as a drag-queen, I’m going to raid your make-up bag. X” Considering he chickened out, maybe he isn’t so fearless after all!

Other studs celebrated at the affair included Penn Badgley, Chad Ochocinco, Ian Somerhalder, Chris Hemsworth and Old Spice dude Isaiah Mustafa. See photos of the boys—and Mila Kunis rocking a white suit!—in the red carpet gallery below.

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Love On The D-List: Kathy Griffin And The Old Spice Guy Might Be Dating

In case you were getting tired of hearing about A-listers like Jennifer Aniston and James Franco all the time, enjoy a little gossip from the lower rungs of the Hollywood ladder. Rumor has it that Kathy Griffin and the Old Spice Guy Isaiah Mustafa are dating. “They are not boyfriend/girlfriend but they are definitely spending time together and getting to know each other,” a source confirms to US Magazine after the two were seen acting flirty at the Costume Designers Guild Awards on Tuesday. At least Kathy and Isaiah have a lot in common: a love of Mustafa’s abs, superb comedic timing, a love of Mustafa’s arms…

Isaiah also allegedly visited Griffin on the set of Glee, where the comedian was shooting a guest spot. Now we understand why Mustafa denied Neve Campbell in December. “Thanks Valentine!…” Griffin tweeted Valentine’s Day with a photo of red roses, but didn’t specify which brawny spokesman they came from. Look, we know that Mustafa is build like Michelangelo’s David while Kathy was last seen dating Steve Wozniak, but the fact that we didn’t see this coming is exactly what makes us think it might be true. When Griffin was dating Levi Johnston for My Life On The D-List, you’d couldn’t turn a corner in L.A. without seeing those two holding hands and mugging for the camera. Kathy and Isaiah might not get enough love from the rest of industry; let’s see if they can find that love…in each other. And in Mustafa’s abs.

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Old Spice Guy Isaiah Mustafa Denies Dating Neve Campbell


If this is a scheme cooked up by Neve Campbell to make people remember who she is exactly, than mission accomplished! Rumors have been swirling today that Neve Campbell and Old Spice Guy Isaiah Mustafa are knocking boots, a sexy yet totally random couple if we’ve ever heard one. With Neve’s divorce from husband John Light still in the works, the Scream 4 actress has been spotted out around New York, attending Quentin Tarantino’s roast and reportedly spending time with Mustafa. “They’re dating. Neve is really happy,” said a source. We bet it would be nice if the man your man could smell like was actually your nice-smelling man. Nice, and extremely confusing.

However, Isaiah apparently did see it that way, as Mustafa’s reps deny the dating rumors, going to far as to say “It is an odd rumor that is not true at all.” Ouch! It’s unexpected, sure, but we wouldn’t call it “odd.” We hope these two are canoodling, if only for the pure “Wha? Huh? Those two?” factor. Maybe Mustafa is a huge fan of The Craft; who knows? Sometimes that all a couple needs. [Photo: Getty Images/ Splash News Online]