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Zach Gilford Believes Friday Night Lights Pal Jesse Plemons Deserves Star Wars Role

He’ll always be Landry to us. After his time in Dillon, Friday Night Lights star Jesse Plemons joined Breaking Bad for its final season and is now among the list of talented actors in consideration for Star Wars: Episode VII. According to Variety, five actors are in the running to star as the lead in J.J. Abrams‘ upcoming installment of the legendary Disney/Lucasfilm franchise.

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J.J. Abrams Says Bradley Cooper In Talks For Lance Amstrong Biopic, Forgets To Tell Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper Denes J.J. Abrams Claim He Is Interested In Lance Armstrong Biopic

Well, this is embarrassing. No, we’re not referring to our scrapbook of wedding plans for our fantasy Bradley Cooper wedding. You know we spent a lot of time and effort on that. We’re referring to producer/director J.J. Abram‘s awkward casting rumor gaffe. It all began when the Star Trek director claimed Bradley Cooper was psyched to potentially play Lance Armstrong in the film based on the upcoming book Cycle of Lies: The Fall Of Lance Armstrong. “[Cooper] sent me an email and we’ve been talking,” Abrams told Entertainment Tonight. Seemed reasonable enough (both Lance and Bradley have a similar intensity and devastating cheekbones), until we found out that J.J. hadn’t…actually…mentioned to Bradley that he was supposed to be interested. Man, this is just like when we sent out the invites to our wedding to Bradley Cooper with out technically meeting him first. We feel you, J.J.!

Considering how quickly the movie rumor mill churns, it’s kind of surprising stuff like this doesn’t happen more often. Seeing as how Abrams directed Cooper in Alias in the earlier ’00s, J.J. was probably just getting everyone psyched for Bradley’s potential role in the film and he forgot to play one important call. “Oh my god, that’s so nuts!” the Silver Linings Playbook star clarified to Access Hollywood about the rumors of his involvement. “I was in Manchester, doing the BBC morning show… I had no idea what [the interviewer] was talking about. I didn’t even know that J.J. has the rights, I had no idea. I don’t know anything about it.” Oh, maybe J.J. got one of those Google bot emails from Bradley’s account and just assumed he was in to play Lance? That seems like a reasonable assumption, right?

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Hilarious Clip At The MTV Movie Awards Gives Us A Peek At Star Trek 2

Sneaky sneaky! We laughed so hard at this clip aired at the MTV Movie Awards that we almost missed the very important news encoded within it. The parody stars Jennifer Lawrence and Joel McHale and features a cameo by J.J. Abrams who opens the video by saying, “Lets face it, archery is back. You’ve got The Hunger Games, The Avengers, Game Of Thrones. Actors need archery experts.” McHale is archery coach Lester Boonshaft who sadly, isn’t that expert. In fact, Abrams goes on to say, “There was this whole Klingon archery subplot in the new Star Trek that I completely cut out just so I didn’t have to work with him.” And therein lies the surprise, neatly hidden element of this whole exercise. Abrams happens to be sitting in front of a screen that has a freeze frame of a masked character who is part of the sequel we’ve all been dying to watch — Star Trek 2! That’s what we’re calling it right now, as the film doesn’t have a title yet.

The character doesn’t look familiar at all. Is it a new villain? We do know that Alice Eve and Benedict Cumberbatchlove him in Sherlock — are in the new movie but we have no idea as who or what. Could this be one of them? We’ll have to wait and watch!

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Scott Speedman Stokes Felicity, Ryan Gosling Reunion Talk — Unintentionally!

Seeing Scott Speedman acting opposite Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams in The Vow has made many of us a little more than nostalgic for his Felicity heyday. All week long people have been peppering him with reunion questions, and he responded jokingly, not realizing how crazy it would drive us.

“I think I made some offhand comment about me being a giant fat person [in a reunion show], but that’s not really what I’ve been wanting to do! I didn’t think that would get so much leverage,” he told us. “I think it would be fun to get together and see where the story is, but I don’t know, that’s probably not going to happen. There’s so many people doing too many different things right now.”

In all seriousness, though, Speedman is interested in coming back to the small screen. “Especially right now, there seems to be a lot of good television happening,” he said. “It’s hard after you do a show that people really like and you really like doing, it’s hard to just choose just to do anything. So I’ve been sort of picky about what I wanted to do.”

How about ringing up Felicity creator J.J. Abrams? “We’ve talked a little bit in the past about certain kind of things, but any time he would call, I’d be more than interested. He’s great.”

But there’s another reunion we’re dying to see: a re-teaming of Speedman with fellow Canadian Ryan Gosling, who starred with him in an episode of Goosebumps, “Say Cheese and Die,” in 1996. Big Morning Buzz Live dug up a clip of this fine example of their acting. Watch his thrilled, This Is Your Life-worthy reaction:
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Green Arrow, Judy Greer, Mindy Kaling And Other Pilot News We Love

Usually, it’s hard to think about next fall’s TV lineup when we haven’t even caught up on all the American Idol audition episodes in our DVR, but this year, we’re allowing ourselves to be a wee bit excited. ‘Tis the season for networks to order up pilots, and they seem to have done so with us in mind. The CW is delivering us another hot superhero, while Fox and ABC have gotten the memo that funny ladies are SO IN. Here are some pilots we’re crossing our fingers for:

  • Stephen Amell was announced today as the title character of the CW’s Green Arrow, a rich playboy who saves his down with, you guessed it, super special arrows. The show’s being produced by Green Lantern’s Greg Berlanti and Marc Guggenheim, and Fringe co-executive producer Andrew Kreisberg. Amell most recently played a male prostitute on Hung, but in our minds he will always be known as the vindictive werewolf who tortured Caroline on The Vampire Diaries. And an image search for pics of him shirtless will lead you to some interesting websites. Just saying.
  • Arrested Development vet Judy Greer, who’s been getting rave reviews for her small but pivotal role in The Descendants, is the star of American Judy, a single-camera comedy ordered by ABC, per Deadline. The story, loosely based on her own experience, follows a woman who gets married, moves to the suburbs and becomes a step-mother to kids whose mom is the sheriff of the town.

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New Super 8 Trailer Is Vague, Action-Packed, And Awesome

The new trailer for the much-anticipated J.J. Abrams film Super 8 is out and in true J.J. Abrams style, it’s full of action and gives almost nothing away.  An even more ambiguous trailer was shown during the Superbowl, but in this new one, there’s so much more going on.

We were fortunate enough to attend a screening of a quick, 22-minute sneak peek of the film last night which only served to taunt us even more because we still have so many unanswered questions about the film. We’d go into more detail, but J.J. made us pinky swear that we wouldn’t divulge any secrets. We did learn some pretty cool stuff about the film, which is a collaboration between Abrams and producer Steven Spielberg, like the fact that when Abrams was 16, he and fellow filmmaker Matt Reeves were actually hired to repair Spielberg’s old 8mm home movies after Spielberg’s office read that the teenage Abrams participated in—what else?—a Super 8 film festival. Hearing about the context of their relationship makes total sense, and their collaboration only makes us more excited to see the film. It’s just a bummer that we’re going to have to wait until June 10th to figure out what the hell is going on in this movie.


Rachel McAdams Looks Gorgeous At Morning Glory Premiere

We have an irrational love for Rachel McAdams, so forgive us if we fawn over her for a moment, we think she looked great at the premiere for her latest film last night. McAdams is currently starring in Morning Glory, which looks to be the kind of movie you and your parents will end up seeing together over Thanksgiving because while it stars McAdams and hot hot Patrick Wilson, it also has Diane Keaton and Harrison Ford to bridge the generation gap. (McAdams and Keaton already starred together in The Family Stone, and dammit if that’s one of those good-bad movies we can’t help watching that every time it’s on HBO.)

While we love McAdams’ look on the red carpet, and we’re also kind of a fan of Diane Keaton’s leather dress, some of the other celebs look a bit wind-swept, no? (We’re looking at you, Hoda and Harrison.) Check them all out below.

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