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Say Goodbye To House M.D. With A Look At His 30 Most Surprising Patients (And Associates!)

House M.D. finale airs tonightIt’s a very sad day for television as House M.D. ends its record busting run after an incredible (and sometimes incredibly gross) 8 seasons. We’ve loved this medical rethinking of Sherlock Holmes more than Dr. House loves his Vicodin, but fans everywhere know how it has to end: House must develop lupus. (Just kidding, it’s never lupus!) Although we could (and did) watch the show at any hour of any day, it’s especially good sick-day viewing. No¬† matter how bad you felt, you were always comforted by the fact that at least you weren’t bleeding out of your eyeballs or whatever horrible affliction was affecting House’s patient.

Aside from Hugh Laurie’s genius performance as the equally genius doctor, the show was bolstered by the fact that you never knew who was going to be wheeled through the ER door at Princeton Plainsboro Teaching Hospital. Every episode brought the potential for an inspired cameo, and the series had many over its 177 episodes. So to say goodbye to the magnificent drama, we’ve assembled a list of the 30 most surprising guest stars to ever appear on House M.D. Join us in saluting the great Mr. Laurie as he hangs up his cane for the very last time and goes to the great detox in the sky.

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Oprah Gets An Oscar Just For Being Oprah

Oprah Winfrey hasn’t been in any movies lately, but that didn’t stop the Academy from awarding her an Oscar! It has been announced that the Queen of All Media will receive an honorary statuette on November 12th at the 3rd annual Governor’s Awards dinner in Los Angeles. The 57-year-old has earned the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award, which recognizes outstanding philanthropic and charitable contributions. Oprah certainly fits the bill, with a host of charities to her name, including her Academy For Girls she recently founded in South Africa.

This is not Oprah’s first brush with the little gold man. She was nominated for an Oscar back in 1985 for her role in The Color Purple, but lost to Anjelica Huston. Is Oprah still quietly plotting her ice-cold revenge on Anjelica? Only Gayle King knows for sure. Also being honored is acting legend James Earl Jones, best known as the voice of Darth Vader. What’ll happen with the Lord of the Sith goes head to head with The Lord of Daytime Television? Stay tuned on November 12th to find out! There can be only one…

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