14 Fan Photos Of James Franco Hating the World

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By Christopher Rosa

James Franco is  headlining The Great White Way in the classic Of Mice and Men (also starring Leighton Meester and Chris O’Dowd). And you know what that means? FAN SELFIES AFTER THE SHOW, DUH.

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by (@shakeyourbeauty)

Ego-Trippin’: The Most Narcissistic Celeb Quotes, Ever

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We love celebs, but they love themselves, even more. On one level, we don’t blame them — they get constant public feedback supporting the idea that they’re the most fascinating, talented, beautiful person on earth. Paparazzi chases them down for a pic of them doing totally mundane things, like paying the parking meter. Groupies attack them after the show. Social media lauds them as the second coming! Next thing you know, they’re wandering around rocking a T-shirt emblazoned with their face on it (hi, Nicholas Cage).  Read more…