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Apologies To Will Ferrell, But His New Dad ‘Stache Must Join Our 10 Worst Celeb Mustaches

Wille Ferrell Sports Mustache In Miami

Good lord! That’s the most severe case of Dad ‘Stache we’ve ever seen! Will Ferrell was spotted at Art Basel in Miami this week, wearing what we can only assume is a costume for his upcoming role as a wise old fisherman. Or our uncle from Chicago. Our wise, old fisherman uncle from Chicago. Seeing as how the SNL alum is usually clean-shaven/the star of our elaborate Anchorman-themed fantasies, these photos go to show the devastation a bad mustache can bring to a celebrity’s handsome face. Ferrell obviously isn’t the only one to suffer a terrible lip rug, as our 10 Worst Celeb Mustaches can attest. Michael Cera? James Franco? Mickey Rourke? We don’t know why a line of hair can make so much of a difference, but it does. A terrible, terrible difference.

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This Is 45! Celebrate Judd Apatow’s Birthday By Counting Down The 15 Greatest Man-Children He Brought To The Screen

Judd Apatow's 15 greatest man-children of all time

If you had to call comedy another name, you could call it “Judd Apatow.” The multi-talented writer/director/producer has dominated the face of funny over the  past decade, and he’s responsible for some of the best laugh-out-loud films ever made. From his early features like (our childhood must-see) Heavyweights to small screen gems like Freaks and Geeks, and all the way through to box office busters like Superbad and Anchorman: The Legend Of Ron Burgundy, his movies have defined comedy to a generation of people, and we’re thankful for all that laughs he’s given us over the years.

But we’re not the only people who should be thankful. Some of the biggest comedy stars in the world today got their big breaks by featuring in Judd’s movies. From James Franco to Seth Rogen and Jason Segel, Mr. Apatow can spot a career-making hit a mile off. What is the deal with his insane success rate? How is he able to produce such memorable characters that propel the actors into the mega-successful stratosphere?

The answer is simple: The Man-Child. Judd Apatow is the king of the emotionally stunted, delightfully immature, hilariously inept and maladjusted male who just can’t be a functional adult no matter how hard he tries. It’s a hallmark of all of his work. Whether it’s Steve Carell’s wax agony in The 40 Year Old Virgin, Seth Rogen staring down the  barrel of fatherhood in Knocked Up, or Jason Segel’s nude and heartbroken misery in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, we laugh so hard at these folks because we see our own faults in their complete and utter dysfunction. So in honor of Judd’s big day, we counted down our 15 favorite man children that he brought to the screen. We hope you enjoy it!

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Freaks And Geeks Reunion Inspires A Lot Of Fist Shaking At Short-Sighted TV Execs

Freaks and Geeks cast reunites for Vanity Fair

The bad news first: 1) We have no time machine to fix the errors of the past; and 2) this Freaks and Geeks reunion of which we speak was just for the January issue of Vanity Fair, not for a TV special or a spinoff about Nick and Lindsay’s daughter. Exec producer Judd Apatow (whose birthday, incidentally, is today) guest-edited this first-ever Comedy Issue of the magazine, and used that as an opportunity to gather the whole gang from (the non-Glee) McKinley High for a photo and a really long oral history of the show that aired from 1999-2000.

“This is the first time the cast has been together in a room — all of them — since the year 2000,” Apatow says in a behind-the-scenes video of the photo shoot. “We’re excited because I don’t think this will ever happen again.”
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Spring Breakers Threesome So “Nerve-Racking,” Vanessa Hudgens Swears Off Sex Scenes

James Franco, Ashley Benson, Vanessa Hudgens

All sex scenes must be incredibly awkward to shoot. That’s certainly what we’ve gleaned from every Kate Winslet interview from the last three years at any rate. There’s something about having a sex scene with James Franco, however, that seems particularly jarring. Totally awesome, of course, but also deeply jarring. Just ask his Spring Breakers costar Vanessa Hudgens. “It was very nerve-racking for me,” Hudgens said of her first cinematic sex scene. “I told my agent that I never want to do it ever again.” Can’t you just imagine James Franco using a creepy robot voice at the exact wrong moment, or suddenly looking up with tiny plastic dinosaurs Super-glued all over his face? We’re not saying you can’t enjoy that if that’s your thing, but still…James Franco seems like a sex scene loose cannon.

It probably didn’t help that Vanessa’s first foray into onscreen intimacy was part of what we can only imagine is a very seedy threeway involving her, Franco and Pretty Little LiarsAshley Benson. Considering his character’s name is Alien, we’re betting James had his gold grill on the entire time. You’ve seen that Spring Breakers clip of him ranting about t-shirts and vampires! We’re just saying, it’s not like Vanessa had to make faux love in The Notebook 2: Electric Snuggaloo or anything. We won’t know the facts until we see the threesome with our own judgmental eyes! (Which of course we will. Like we wouldn’t go to see this movie!)

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James Franco Speaks Out About Ashley Benson Rumors, It’s Not What We Want To Hear

James Franco Speaks Out About "Dating" Ashley Benson

Remember the glee with which we told you about James Franco and Ashley Benson‘s rumored relationship? We’re glad that we stuck to the rumored part, even though we were dying for it to be true, because Franco himself has denied the supposed dating in a piece he wrote for the HuffPo. And reading it made us giggle and frown at the same time. How awesome would it have been if the two were actually together, hanging out at Washington Square Park and holding hands at the Los Angeles Haunted Hayride? We are inordinately disappointed that no dating on the down-low is going down. While Franco’s piece is long and winding and deals with everything he has been up to lately — watching On the Road (a movie he auditioned for) and creating a collaborative film called Tar — but he does address all this Benson bizznezz in the end. “I also hear that I’ve been dating Selena Gomez, Kristen Stewart and Ashley Benson. Hot damn, am I a lucky guy,” he writes. The part that really cracks us up is when he adds, “I wish I had actually gotten closer than the 13th row of the theater in Toronto where Kristen gave her On the Road Q and A, but I didn’t; not only did I not talk to her, I didn’t even go to the SoHo house where I supposedly asked her out on a date. As for Gomez and Benson, those are Bieber’s girls and I wouldn’t dare tangle with the Biebs. I heard he wants to kick my ass. Yikes!” Damn straight, Franco. You don’t ever mess with the Biebs.

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Rumors We Love: Ashley Benson And James Franco Are Dating!

Ashley Benson And James Franco Reportedly Dating

You GUYS. We don’t know why this made our day but it really, really did. Page Six has reported that sources are whispering about Ashley Benson dating James Franco! Please tell us this blew your mind too? Of course it did. She’s a Pretty Little Liar and he’s … well … he’s James Franco of the Franco-freaky weird celluloid moments and facial scruff. And she’s Ashley Benson of vanilla perky perfectitude. Yes, she inspired us to make up a new word. Apparently the two have been spotted together on numerous occasions look very much like a couple. Of the sightings enumerated, we have Ashley and James sitting in a tree busted hanging out together in Washington Square Park earlier this month. Last week saw them walking hand-in-hand at the Los Angeles Haunted Hayride — and you know ain’t nothing more romantic that that, right?  One  source reveals, “They have been seeing each other for a little over a month, but things are going well.” While this sounds like the Franco-Benson union has been happening quite swimmingly, sadly their spokespeople have not been answering their calls, so we have t put it in the rumor department. But seriously — it’s a rumor we love!

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James Van Der Beek Joins Other Celebs Who’ve Played “Demented” Versions Of Themselves

James Van Der Beek Talks Don't Talk To The B In Apartment 23

James Van Der Beek might be playing “James Van Der Beek” in Don’t Trust The B In Apartment 23, but he’s not, you know, playing James Van Der Beek. “It’s funny, people say, ‘He’s playing himself,’ and I think, Well, I’m playing this demented version of — I don’t know what. It has echoes of me in maybe, like, my worst day ever,” the Dawson’s Creek star laughs in his new Vulture interview. “But most of it is just completely made up with little kernels of truth: behavior I’ve seen from other actors, or some of the writers have seen.” Personally, we absolutely love when celebs play weird or awful version of themselves; it shows that they have a sense of humor about themselves. Luckily James joins a cadre of excellent celebs who have lampooned themselves on TV, such as…

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Kristen Stewart Had James Franco Swooning Again In Toronto: Report

Kristen Stewart at an On the Road screening in New York

One look at Kristen Stewart in her stunning hair and makeup, white Balenciaga button-down and harem pants at last night’s screening of On the Road in New York, and we wonder what guy in his right mind hasn’t had thoughts of swooping in on the actress in an attempt to be her rebound. We still don’t know if she and Robert Pattinson have actually broken off their relationship — and we’re not making any pronouncements on that front. We’re just saying that, according to at least one report, there are guys possibly making a move to be her rebound. Guys like James Franco. Maybe.

We know Franco is a huge admirer of Stewart, based on the effusive Snow White and the Huntsman review he wrote for the Huffington Post back in June. Now Radar Online is reporting that his admiration went a little further when the two met in Toronto over the weekend. A source said they talked for 20 minutes, during which James praised Kristen’s work in On the Road.

“She seemed at ease in his company, and he was certainly making her laugh,” the source said. “She was wearing a huge grin on her face. At the end of their chance meeting, James took Kristen’s number and asked her out for dinner. Kristen initially said no, but is mulling over the idea. She knows she has to move on now following her break up with Rob.”

All of this sounds like a huge leap to conclusions based on observing someone else’s conversation. We’re sure we’d be grinning too, if the ever-charming and weird James Franco started complimenting us. That doesn’t automatically mean we’d be planning our future romance together. Anyway, between this meeting and the stories of Kristen’s encounters with Emma Watson and Jennifer Lawrence, it sounds like she was the most popular girl in Toronto last weekend!

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James Franco Reestablishes His James Franco-ness With A Comfortingly Bizarre Spring Breakers Clip

We know it’s selfish, but we hate it when a genius performer feels like he or she has to “spread their wings” and “do something new” with their “craft.” Remember when Robin Williams was in One Hour Photo? We could never watch Bicentennial Man again! Which is why we are so, so glad to see that it’s business as usual for James Franco in his new Spring Breakers clip. “This is my f—ing dream, y’all. All this s—. Look at my s—. I got shorts, every f—ing color. Designer t-shirts. Gold bullets. Motherf—ing vampires,” he mumbles through gold teeth in the teaser. Mothereffing. Vampires. As Franco rants we see a wall of guns, then a wall of hats. Oh, and his character’s name is Alien. It all feels so familiar, like coming home. Coming home to James Franco’s house, where you look over and see a wall of guns, and a wall of hats.

We knew James’ role was going to be beautifully weird based on set photos alone (plus the first Spring Breakers clip was great) but we had no idea we’d get to look forward to “a scene where Franco sings the [Britney] Spears classic ‘Everytime’ while [Vanessa] Hudgens waves a machine gun over her head” in the film. As it should be. As it should be.

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First Spring Breakers Clip So Angsty, We’d Let James Franco Lead Us On Crime Spree Too

Oh, so you thought Spring Breakers was just a movie about neon bikinis, bad dye jobs and scooters? Think again, amigos. It’a also about existential despair. That’s what we’re picking up from the first clip from Vanessa Hudgens, Selena Gomez and Ashley Benson‘s dark comedy anyway. “I’m so tired of seeing the same thing every single day. Everybody’s miserable here because everybody sees the same things. They wake up in the same bed in the same houses,” Selena intones in the video, as Vanessa, um, faux-shoots herself in the head with her finger gun. And are they in a jail cell? Yikes. This clip real bums us out. It bums us out so much, in fact, that we completely understand why they would follow (let alone speak to) a corn-rowed, Hawaiian shirt-wearing James Franco. In fact, if Party Time James Franco strolled into our cubicle right now, we’d finish our sandwich and go drive his getaway car.

We guess our only question is: is anyone perturbed seeing Gomez get so grim? (Or Pretty Little Liars‘ Benson?)(Or Hudgens, while we’re at it?) “People will be a little shocked, I think. I’m a little nervous about it, but honestly, it’s a right step for me, I’m really proud of it,” Selena told MTV back in June. “I think as an actress it really challenged me. All of the other actresses are also trying to prove themselves, so it was just really, really fun.” Is Selena’s morose turn jarring to you, or does it have you secretly psyched to see her run wild in the streets? Or does it just make you want to go lie down under some blankets?