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Celebrating The 35 Most Awesome Things About James Franco On His 35th Birthday


We feel safe in declaring James Franco one of our national treasures. The enigmatic actor is celebrating his 35th birthday today (so close to 4/20, brah!), and while he is certainly a polarizing figure in many regards, there is little doubt that both Hollywood and the world in general are a better place thanks to his presence. So, in honor of his special day, we here at VH1 Celebrity figured now is as good a time as any to celebrate the 35 Most Awesome Things About James Franco.

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James Franco’s 12 Douchiest Moments Of All Time

James Franco's 12 Douchiest Moments Ever

James Franco is one of the most divisive figures in Hollywood today. Some see him as an uber-handsome multi-faceted actor in the Marlon Brando vein, who has achieved success on both the big budget and the indie film level. Others feel as though he is simply a douche. We see both sides of the argument. His latest movie Spring Breakers opens today, where he plays Alien, a gun toting drug dealer with corn rows. In other words, something of a douche. So in honor of his latest role, we’ve decided to count down our 12 favorite douchey moments from Mr. Franco. We kid because we love. Enjoy!

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From Jim & John Harbaugh To Ben & Casey Affleck: The 6 Most Important Sets Of Bros In Entertainment

The Afflecks, the Harbaughs, the Wayans among the biggest brother names in entertainment now

People who know about sports — and all of the news articles — tell us that it’s a big deal to see brothers Jim and John Harbaugh face off against each other in Sunday’s Super Bowl as head coaches of the San Francisco 49ers and the Baltimore Ravens, respectively. That got us thinking about all the other bros who channeled their sibling rivalry into world-famous careers. (Strange, most siblings I know, myself and my sis included, almost deliberately chose radically different paths in life.) Of course, we’ve had the Baldwins, the Weinsteins, the Coens, the Hansons and the Jonases for a while. But who are the most influential brothers in entertainment right now?

Well, there are still the Wayans brothers, who haven’t made a movie together for a couple of years but whose influence is now being felt in the form of their nephews, via Happy Endings and Second Generation Wayans. James Franco has been sharing his knack for balancing mainstream flicks with weird indie projects with li’l bro Dave (who can be seen in this weekend’s Warm Bodies). Then there are the Hemsworths, whose adorable Australian mugs and breathtaking bodies have landed them the hottest movie franchises around. Donnie Wahlberg is dividing his time between the small screen (Blue Bloods) and the stage (with the NKOTB summer tour), while his younger brother Mark does double duty as a movie star and a hugely successful TV and movie producer (especially now that Entourage is heading to theaters). But for our money, the biggest bro team around at the moment is Ben and Casey Affleck. Sure, that’s mostly due to Ben’s amazing, award-winning run as the director and star of Oscar favorite Argo, but all that buzz is helping Casey’s career too. Casey’s turn in the outlaw flick Ain’t Them Bodies Saints just got plenty of good buzz at Sundance last week, and we bet you didn’t know he’s got a movie in the running at the Oscars too: He voiced the character of Mitch in last year’s Paranorman.

Who’s your favorite set of bros in the biz? Browse through our gallery and then tweet us your thoughts!

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From Jim Carrey to Chloe Moretz, 13 Celebs We Look Forward To Seeing A Lot More Of In 2013

We’ve already begun squealing about the return of Jim Carrey in The Incredible Burt Wonderstone after the actor’s virtually acting-free 2012…and, um, those other years before that. That’s when we realized that a ton of our favorite celebs will be all over our big and small screens in 2013 (not to mention our internets, with all their interviews and such) after a dry spell. For example, according to IMDb, this year Carrie star Chloe Moretz and Oz the Great and Powerful lead James Franco return in seven and six film projects respectively. Natalie Portman and Rooney Mara have both been off the scene since 2010′s Black Swan and 2011′s Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. And Michael Cera? More Arrested Development means more sweet, sweet George Michael for your eyeballs.

Of course, some of these celebs seemed like they never left the limelight (see also: James Franco). Did you know Melissa McCarthy was in only one film in 2012? In Vanessa Hudgens‘ and Dwayne Johnson‘s case, it was the same film. (We didn’t know if either of them would bounce back from Journey 2: The Mysterious Island, but here we are.) Check the gallery below to find out more about their respective upcoming projects, and what other celebs we cannot wait to see more of this year.

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Shia LaBeouf Drops Acid, And 10 Other Extreme Things Actors Have Done For Roles

Shia LaBeouf might not get an Oscar for taking LSD for his role in the upcoming film The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman, but he might get us to consider buying a ticket. “I’d never done acid before. I remember sending Evan tapes. I remember trying to conjure this and sending tapes. And Evan being like ‘That’s good, but that’s not but, that is,’” LaBeouf told MTV about dropping acid to prepare for his character’s drug trip. “You reach out to friends and gauge where you’re at. I was sending tapes around and I’d get 50 percents from people and that just starts creeping me out. I was getting really nervous toward the end. Not cause I wanted to be on drugs — I’m not trying to mess with the set or anything like that. It’s really just fear that propels people.” Maybe it was fear, but we’re betting Oscar gold played at least a tiny part in the other extreme things actors have done for roles…

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15 Unwise Things Selena Gomez & Co. Do In The Spring Breakers Trailer

Since set photos were revealed last year, we’ve had ample time to get over the shock of seeing Disney/ABC Family stars Selena Gomez, Ashley Benson and Vanessa Hudgens (along with fourth star Rachel Korine) traipsing around in bikinis, drinking beer on the street and hanging out with a corn-rowed James Franco. So today, when we finally get to see the full trailer for Spring Breakers, we are nothing but thrilled about this movie’s March 22 release. There are so many things to love: It’s like the second coming of Magic Mike (in that it reminds me why I got the hell out of Central Florida as quickly as possible, and that it’s a lot of hot young things showing skin in Central Florida); it looks both funny and dark; James Franco is appropriately crazy in it, also, Gucci Mane! And we have to say, to the wary parents of college-age kids, we think it might be a good cautionary tale too.

Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Benson and Rachel Korine in Spring Breakers

Here are 15 terrible things these ladies do on their wild, restaurant-robbery-funded spring break trip, that we definitely think you kids shouldn’t try at home OR ANYWHERE:

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Tina And Amy Are Just Getting Started: The 7 Best Zingers From Tonight’s Golden Globes Opener

Tina Fey, Amy Poehler Rip on Celebs At The Golden Globes

Oh, it’s everything we dreamed and more. Tina Fey and Amy Poehler went full Gervais in the Golden Globes opener, ragging on everyone from James Franco to Quentin Tarantino to, well, Ricky Gervais. While we are bound to hear about 1,000 more excellent jibs before the end of the awards ceremony, here are the seven best zingers from tonight’s Golden Globes opener:

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