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All in the Family: 15 Celebs With Randomly Hot Siblings!

AnnaLynn McCord Angel McCord Isabella Brewster Jordana Brewster Emma Watson Alex Watson

Everyone knows how hot the Olsens, the Hemsworths, and the Kardashians are. But what about those lesser-known superstar sisters and bros, the non-showbiz ones that fly under the radar? Time to expose their gorgeousness! Check out the fifteen sexiest (formerly anonymous) celeb siblings on the planet.

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Celebrating The 35 Most Awesome Things About James Franco On His 35th Birthday


We feel safe in declaring James Franco one of our national treasures. The enigmatic actor is celebrating his 35th birthday today (so close to 4/20, brah!), and while he is certainly a polarizing figure in many regards, there is little doubt that both Hollywood and the world in general are a better place thanks to his presence. So, in honor of his special day, we here at VH1 Celebrity figured now is as good a time as any to celebrate the 35 Most Awesome Things About James Franco.

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James Franco’s 12 Douchiest Moments Of All Time

James Franco's 12 Douchiest Moments Ever

James Franco is one of the most divisive figures in Hollywood today. Some see him as an uber-handsome multi-faceted actor in the Marlon Brando vein, who has achieved success on both the big budget and the indie film level. Others feel as though he is simply a douche. We see both sides of the argument. His latest movie Spring Breakers opens today, where he plays Alien, a gun toting drug dealer with corn rows. In other words, something of a douche. So in honor of his latest role, we’ve decided to count down our 12 favorite douchey moments from Mr. Franco. We kid because we love. Enjoy!

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From Jim & John Harbaugh To Ben & Casey Affleck: The 6 Most Important Sets Of Bros In Entertainment

The Afflecks, the Harbaughs, the Wayans among the biggest brother names in entertainment now

People who know about sports — and all of the news articles — tell us that it’s a big deal to see brothers Jim and John Harbaugh face off against each other in Sunday’s Super Bowl as head coaches of the San Francisco 49ers and the Baltimore Ravens, respectively. That got us thinking about all the other bros who channeled their sibling rivalry into world-famous careers. (Strange, most siblings I know, myself and my sis included, almost deliberately chose radically different paths in life.) Of course, we’ve had the Baldwins, the Weinsteins, the Coens, the Hansons and the Jonases for a while. But who are the most influential brothers in entertainment right now?

Well, there are still the Wayans brothers, who haven’t made a movie together for a couple of years but whose influence is now being felt in the form of their nephews, via Happy Endings and Second Generation Wayans. James Franco has been sharing his knack for balancing mainstream flicks with weird indie projects with li’l bro Dave (who can be seen in this weekend’s Warm Bodies). Then there are the Hemsworths, whose adorable Australian mugs and breathtaking bodies have landed them the hottest movie franchises around. Donnie Wahlberg is dividing his time between the small screen (Blue Bloods) and the stage (with the NKOTB summer tour), while his younger brother Mark does double duty as a movie star and a hugely successful TV and movie producer (especially now that Entourage is heading to theaters). But for our money, the biggest bro team around at the moment is Ben and Casey Affleck. Sure, that’s mostly due to Ben’s amazing, award-winning run as the director and star of Oscar favorite Argo, but all that buzz is helping Casey’s career too. Casey’s turn in the outlaw flick Ain’t Them Bodies Saints just got plenty of good buzz at Sundance last week, and we bet you didn’t know he’s got a movie in the running at the Oscars too: He voiced the character of Mitch in last year’s Paranorman.

Who’s your favorite set of bros in the biz? Browse through our gallery and then tweet us your thoughts!

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