Famous Thespian Sean Combs Appears On Inside The Actor’s Studio

One of our favorite moments in all of 2009 came when we laid eyes on this video of Sean Combs selling his wares on the Home Shopping Network. “Wow!” we thought. “It doesn’t get much lower than this!” Only, people, it has gotten way better than that. Because tonight, the artist formerly known as Diddy will appear on the once-revered, now-train-wrecky show, Inside The Actor’s Studio. (Which coincidentally airs on the once-revered, now train-wrecky network, Bravo.)

We can’t decide what’s more amazing in this clip, how proud Combs is to create such memorable characters (such as the “tri-polar” record executive he plays in the upcoming Get Him To The Greek) or how far up Combs’ a** host James Lipton manages to crawl to praise him. Lipton also says that Combs’ appearance in the Actor’s Studio is “one of the most remarkable in the sixteen-year history of the series.” We’ll be sure to pass that note along to Meryl Streep and Al Pacino.


Sarah Jessica Parker Fixes Her Oscar Hair

Sarah Jessica Parker

For someone who’s allegedy a master at style, Sarah Jessica Parker doesn’t always know how to pick her battles. Days after she unwisely chose “massive, complicated bun” over “hair that isn’t totally frizzed out” at the Oscars (forget The Morgans, Sarah, did you hear about the hairspray?), the Sex And The City star looked considerably more relaxed at Bravo’s upfront party yesterday, where she hawked the upcoming art-themed reality show she’s producing (the working title is American Artist, but we vote for So You Think You Can Paint?). Parker wasn’t the only cinema star present—Matthew McConaughey came along to support girlfriend, Shear Genius host Camila Alves. Be like Mateo, Sarah, and keep it casual next time.

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Daniel Radcliffe Discusses His Penis With James Lipton

Inside The Actors Studio is an easy source of awkwardness, with preeminent douchenozzle James Lipton kissing the feet of everyone from Jane Fonda and Morgan Freeman to Cameron Diaz and Tim Allen in front of a room of thespian wanna-bes. But we’re pretty sure this is the first time Lipton has asked a teenager about his penis on the program. God, we hope.

Lipton queries the Equus star about the “Michaelangelo’s David effect,” which turns out to be that the public display of one’s wang inspires the “opposite of an erection.” Radcliffe handles the situation nicely, coming off more Michael Caine than Harry Potter in his humor. Then Lipton notes the exposure is “like when you get out of a very cold lake or something.” Yes, exactly, James. Thank you for the metaphor. Maybe we should just be grateful Lipton isn’t visibly rubbing his nipples while the Radman speaks.