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Britney Spears’ Breakup Orchestrated By Dad: Rumors That Make Us A Little Ill

Britney Spears sporting a "Love" sweatshirt while terrible rumors float about her breakup

One of the first images we saw this morning was the above one, of Britney Spears looking rather cheerful as she double-fists caffeinated drinks in L.A. and wears her belief in “Love” on her chest. And then we read this story from Radar, which makes us shiver: When now-ex-fiance Jason Trawick wanted out of the relationship, he went to Britney’s dad and co-conservator, Jamie Spears, before breaking the news to her, according to the gossip site. This is horrifying on so many levels. First, is Britney’s mental health still so fragile? The alternative is that she’s fine, but her dad and ex are a little too enamored of this medieval patriarchal system that Brit’s conservatorship has set up, and they feel it’s their right to control her love life behind her back.

This quote from Radar’s source makes it seem like the former, and it makes us rather scared for her: “Jason and Jamie wanted to make sure that Britney didn’t lose it, so they had to water things down for her a bit. She knows that the engagement is off and that Jason has been removed from the conservatorship, but she still hasn’t exactly grasped yet that the relationship is totally over.”
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Britney’s Dad Bans Fun, Boyfriend Reinstates It


Britney Spears‘s attempts to break free of her “prison” life are getting frustrating. For every baby step forward she takes, it seems she’s slammed two steps back. On the positive, normal side, Britney’s agent beau Jason Trawick took the star out to the Brick Lane area in London’s cool East End — a world away from her stifled, five-star hotel existence in Mayfair — to sample one of its famous curries. “She was really excited about having a fun night out with her boys and Jason,” reports the London Paper.

Yay! Britney in normal-person’s-trip-out shock! But wait — who’s that in the wings? Why, it’s comedy dad-villain Jamie, who then apparently nixed Brit’s plans to go out with backup act Ciara on Saturday night, and hit royal hangout Boujis on Sunday. “Her father has kept her on a tight leash since arriving in the UK and she’s rarely left her hotel suite for most of the time that she hasn’t been performing,” says a source.

But could Jamie’s pincer-like grip on his daughter come under threat from her new boyfriend, who clearly takes a more relaxed attitude to helping Britney get her life back? We can’t wait to see what happens! [Photo: Splash News Online]

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David Hasselhoff Plans To Pimp Out Daughters


Not content with Burger-gate and Crotch-gate, David Hasselhoff really wants to embarrass his daughters further by styling himself as some sort of tipsy Svengali Papa. Just like Joe Simpson, Jamie Spears and Billy Ray Cyrus before him, The Hoff sees his daughters Taylor-Ann and Hayley Amber as the latest tool for him to grab a slice of the fame pie, and wants to launch them as a singing pop duo.  He’s even reached out to Take That band member Gary Barlow to lend his writing credentials to The Hoff Hotstars (our name, not theirs).

“I’ve been inspired by the success of Billy Ray Cyrus and his daughter Miley. If anything my girls have double the talent. What I need is a good songwriter and Gary is a genius in my book,” he tells New! magazine.

Do we need to voice our immediate thought that this is a disaster in the offing? Nope. Thought not. Because it’s blindingly obvious. [Photos: WireImage]