I’m Not An A-List Actor, But I Play One On TV


For years, the show Entourage has confused us. Main character Vincent Chase and his lovable gang of loser sidekicks hang around in L.A., living off of Vinnie’s multi-million dollar salary because he is the Leo DiCaprio of this fictional world, the A-list actor everyone loves. And yet Adrian Grenier, the actor who plays the perpetually laid-back and unshaven Vinnie, is not. Grenier is B-list or maybe even C-list when it comes to his fame, not even coming close to the superhero roles Vinnie gets (remember the time he was Anne Hathaway‘s boyfriend in The Devil Wears Prada? We barely do either!) I mean, how bad is it that the guy playing his agent is more famous than he is in real life?

So with the premiere of the new season of Entourage and poor Adrian/Vinnie as our inspiration, we thought of ten other actors who sadly are not nearly as famous as the roles they play on TV and in the movies. We have hope that some of them will someday make it to the big time, but unfortunately, for some others, the time seems to have passed. Click through our gallery to see the actors who wish they were their on-screen counterparts.

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Report: Cammy Dating SATC’s Smith


We love this rumored hookup! Britain’s Grazia magazine is stamping an “exclusive” on their report that Cameron Diaz is bumping uglies with Jason Lewis, aka Smith Jerrod of Sex and the City. According to them, the two blond health-nut Californians were spotted getting amorous in a Venice Beach restaurant.

“[They] were sitting in a corner of Shima Sushi totally wrapped up in one another. They couldn’t stop touching each other. And we couldn’t stop looking,” the mag reports fellow diner Trish Ratner saying.

Cute. It’s also been noted that in the fashion of Paul Sculfor and John Mayer, Jason is also a (brief) ex of Jennifer Aniston‘s. Blimey. We’re surprised these two Hollywood A-listers haven’t become BFFs yet – they clearly have a lot in common, and plenty of comparison notes to go over with each other. [Photo: Splash News Online]