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How Does Games Of Thrones Actor Jason Momoa Stay In Shape? The Answer’s … Surprising

Anyone who’s played Khal Drogo in Game Of Thrones and Conan in Conan The Barbarian in one lifetime has to deal with the fact that they have to stay ridiculously ripped forever. Because Drogo or Conan can’t be seen with a beer gut, period. That would break too many hearts. Luckily, the actor to who those roles were bequeathed to, Jason Momoa, seems to be perma-fit. Confession: we used to watch him in Baywatch: Hawaii. In fact, he was the only reason why we watched that show. Naturally, people are curious as to how he stays so buff all the time, because that man was born to be shirtless (sorry, Taylor Lautner.) TMZ found him outside a hotel and peppered him with questions, about his new, shorter, hair for instance. His wry reply was, “I lost a bet.” Then came the workout questions. Does he do cross-fit? Does he lift heavy weights? The response was in the negative to all of them. He finally answered with the best celebrity response we’ve heard in a very long time. Jason Momoa says the secret to his exercise regime is, “I f— a lot.” He said that — on camera. If you don’t believe us, you can see it for yourself in the video above. But wear headphones if you’re at work because naturally, it’s NSFW!

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Thanksgiving Diet: Feast On These Hot Celebs

Relax, we’re not actually going to give you diet tips on this, the most holy of holidays for food lovers. We’re merely suggesting that if you’re anything like us, it’s hard to remember that there will be consequences if we ask for second helpings of mashed potatoes and pie. We slip into a food coma and wake up just long enough to eat the leftovers. So we thought we’d provide this little visual inspiration: 24 hot celebrities — from Britney Spears to Henry Cavill, Pippa Middleton to Hugh Jackman, Adriana Lima to Jennifer Lopez — who have bodies we’d basically kill to have, and who work hard to get them. Maybe seeing them jog, lift weights and strut their assets will inspire you to get off the couch. Or you might just want to sit back and enjoy the view while munching on a turkey leg. That’s the kind of freedom those pilgrims came here to attain, isn’t it?

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Bradley Cooper Is People’s Sexiest Man Alive, Sydney Would Be Proud

Aw, remember when Bradley Cooper was just a sweet newspaper reporter with an unrequited crush on his superspy best friend? We doubt Alias‘ Will would believe today’s news — that Brad is People‘s Sexiest Man Alive — but the rest of us aren’t so surprised. Especially not those of us who saw this video of him speaking French. Just don’t forget those of us who loved you way back when!

The rest of the People list includes an eclectic, but undeniably hot mix of actors: Hunger Games hottie Liam Hemsworth, his big bro’s Thor co-star Idris Elba, Jennifer Aniston‘s sweetie Justin Theroux, Captain America himself Chris Evans, country superstar Tim McGraw, The Good Wife‘s Josh Charles (he’ll always be Dan from Sports Night to us!), comedy crush Joel McHale, Game of Thrones warrior Jason Momoa, most-obvious-choice-in-the-world Ryan Gosling, even-sexier-with-age Alec Baldwin and so-delish-he-distracts-us-from-screaming American Horror Story star Dylan McDermott.

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Stan Lee Media Sues Over Conan The Barbarian Monies

Our Conan lawsuit over the emotional damage caused by Rose McGown‘s gigantic forehead just looks frivolous now. The Hollywood Reporter writes that the Stan Lee Media Inc.’s Conan The Barbarian lawsuit is based on the claim that the company, started by comic book legend Stan Lee, still technically owns the rights to the sword-wielding character. As part of the suit, Conan filmmakers, among others, are “ordered to turn over any money or property derived from the success of the character, including the newest film.” Luckily, Jason Momoa‘s torso still belongs to the people.

In the suit, SLMI claims that an allegedly squirrelly lawyer named Arthur Lieberman kind of, sort of, signed away the rights to the Conan character in 2002, a move that should be considered illegal since the company was in bankruptcy at the time. So far, the newly released Conan The Barbarian movie has only raked in $10 million at the box office, a disappointing figure considering the film’s budget was at least $70 million and Jason Momoa’s torso looks like that. Seriously, look at it. That’s worth $16.50 to see in 3D, right?

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Conan The Barbarian Theatrical Trailer Reveals Ripped Torsos, Lady Gaga Hats!

While watching the theatrical trailer of Conan The Barbarian (it releases August 19)┬ámany thoughts kept flashing through our heads. The first of these was, hello, Jason Momoa. Or hello, Jason Momoa’s torso, to be exact, because boyfriend is ridiculously ripped! Considering the last time we saw him was on Baywatch Hawaii, color us duly surprised. The second was… Lady Gaga, is datchu? Because they’ve got the princess-royalty archetype (who we presume will get to bonk Conan) character in some seriously Gaga-esque hats! And the third was, WTF, Rose McGowan? Taking all of this into consideration, there’s no way in hell we can miss this one. Especially to see if Jason out-Conan’s Arnold Schwarzenegger! As expected, there’s some insane levels of butt-kicking involved. Now excuse us while we get a beer and smash the can on our heads.


Blake Lively’s Legs Steal The Show At Cinema Con

We’ve long been obsessed with Blake Lively, pretty much ever since she put on a pair of traveling pants. Lively is talented, sure, but she’s kind of the most Barbie-like perfect woman we have ever seen; we want her hair, her gravity-defying boobs, and most of all, those Lively legs (minus the baby oil, of course). Lively showed off her gams at the Cinema Con awards last night, and even though her outfit was a little Tonya Harding for our tastes, we’re still in awe of those legs. What is her secret? Squats? Yoga? Pilates? Yogilates? Check out more shots of Lively and some of the other winners at the Cinema Con awards ceremony, held in Las Vegas this week.

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