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Jason Mraz Engaged, Can Really Enjoy That Mistletoe

The presents are wrapped and under the tree, the stockings are hung, and your normally rowdy family is in a stupor from gallons upon gallons of eggnog: sounds like the perfect perfect time to pop the question to us! At least one man doesn’t have to worry if he got the right gift now that Jason Mraz is engaged to girlfriend Tristan Prettyman, who should definitely not change her last name when they get married.

Mraz announced the engagement last night, where else, on Twitter. “SHE SAID YES.” Jason tweeted Thursday. Tristan was equally thrilled, hitting Twitter to tell the world, “For Once. I Am Speechless…..i did good! holy crap! man of my dreams!!! for the rest of my life!!!” You did real good, girl! Now they can go smugly show off the rock all their high school friends still in town. If you can’t make others jealous when you have holiday good news, then when can you?

by (@hallekiefer)

Jason Mraz vs The Jonas Brothers In The Cuddliest Cage Match Ever

In a conflict that’s been brewing on the back of middle schoolers’ locker doors for months, finally there is word that a Jason Mraz vs. Jonas Brothers beef is on like Donkey Kong, an epic fight bound to enrage the softest, most tear-stained section of the population. The battle began when  someone  noticed that the Camp Rock 2 song “Introducing Me” sounds oddly similar to Mraz’s “I’m Yours”, which we notices sounds an awful lot like every other Jason Mraz song. Coincidence? We think not.

Says Mraz, “I heard the song, and it was just a tremendous, tremendous horror of a tune.” We agree! Oh wait, you mean the Jonas Brothers song. We still agree! But admits Mraz, “I noticed a few similarities in the melody, but it wasn’t enough to pick up the phone and argue with somebody about it.” Well, when your phone’s  already made of gold with diamond buttons, we guess it’s not that big of a deal.

However, it’s not those millions in Jonas money he’s interested in: “If anything, I just wanted my $1.29 back that I spent on iTunes.” A statement which tells us two things: Jason Mraz is nicer than we may have given him credit for, and he SPENT $1.29 ON A CAMP ROCK 2 SONG. We’re sorry; we mean, invested. He invested in a Camp Rock 2 song.