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Old Navy’s Beverly Hills, 90210 Ads: Is There Such A Thing As Too Many Reunions?

OK, so I work for VH1, which is basically the home of the instant-nostalgia machine. (Gosh, do you remember last week? Don’t you miss it?). Far be it from me to knock anyone else’s attempts to prey on our generation’s capacity to go weak in the knees at the mere hint of a cast reunion from one of our favorite shows or movies. (Wow, remember two days ago, when we got excited over a Dawson’s Creek reunion on Don’t Trust the B—- in Apt. 23? That was awesome.) It’s more than just a chance to see some great characters again, it’s a chance to bond with all of our peers over how much we love that thing. But when I saw the new Old Navy ads, starring Jennie Garth, Jason Priestley, Luke Perry and Gabrielle Carteris, I wondered if maybe we’ve had our fill… at least of 90210 nostalgia.

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Beverly Hills, 90210 Nostalgia Check-In: How Are Jennie Garth, Shannen Doherty And Co. Doing?

Jennie Garth, Brian Austin Green and the cast of Beverly Hills, 90210

We saw a few photos of Jennie Garth this week looking really good for someone who’s currently going through a divorce — maybe a little too good around the eyes, if you know what we mean. Of course, that made us wonder how the rest of the original flavor Beverly Hills, 90210 gang is doing these days. They’ve certainly gone through a lot of changes since the first episode of aired in October 1990. Some, like Garth and Shannen Doherty, went on to have other successful series on TV (What I Like About You and Charmed, respectively). Others, like Luke Perry and Jason Priestley, didn’t exactly see their careers take off like we expected. Gabrielle Carteris and Tori Spelling have had a good run as moms, both on and off the air. And we’re still waiting to see when Brian Austin Green and wife Megan Fox will announce her bun in the oven. Regardless of where their careers are these days (where is it, Ian Ziering?), we are pleased to report that most of the former residents of that famed zip code are still looking their sunny, attractive selves. And since we began writing this post, that guitar riff has not left our heads, so we’ll always have that. Anyway, check out this gallery of the kids from Beverly Hills High School both back in the day and now.

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Classic Sheen: Photos Of Charlie From The Good Old Days

Remember when Charlie Sheen was just a party guy who drank and smoked and no one really cared? For two decades he basically lived a crazy life under the radar, at least relatively speaking.  Sure, there was the time that his gun accidentally went off and shot then-fiancée Kelly Preston, but how were we to know that Charlie’d end up ranting about tiger blood and showing off his porn star “goddess” babysitters on Today? For the last two decades, Sheen has been a poster boy for life in the fast line, and in 2011, he’s (somehow) living proof that there are repercussions to years of abuse.

We compiled a gallery of some of the most iconic shots of good-time Charlie, so let’s take a walk down memory lane and check out Carlos Irwin Estevez (sorry, that’s racist) back when he was a young scamp, before he turned into a monster.

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The International Emmy Awards: A Who’s Who Of “Why Them?”

Before we discuss the absolute randomness of just who attended the International Emmy Awards last night in New York, let’s first discuss how amazing an un-Peggy-Olsen-like Elisabeth Moss looked last night at the ceremony. The actress is a far cry from her dowdy copywriter self on Mad Men and we love the new long hair. We really can’t get over how gorgeous she is here.

So while it makes sense for Moss, star of an Emmy-winning program, to attend the international version of the awards, some of the other attendees are a curiosity. Jason Priestley served as the evening’s host for starters, which is weird, and Peter Facinelli and Melissa Joan Hart were presenters. Sure, they’re all stars in their own Twilight-y, Melissa And Joey-ish ways, but what a random crowd. Simon Cowell was also on hand to receive the International Emmy Directorate Award. For a full list of winners, check out the International Emmys site, and for more photos of the eclectic group that gathered, check out our gallery below.

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Celebrate 9.02.10 With A Then And Now Retropective Of 90210


For those of you who have yet to look at a calendar this morning, today’s date is September 2, 2010. Or, if you’re the type who prefers both brevity and decimal points, 9.02.10. In honor of such a momentous date, we thought we would pay tribute to the all-star cast of one of the greatest creative achievements of our lifetimes, Beverly Hills, 90210. (After all, it’s now or never; most of us won’t be around to celebrate the next time this date rolls around!)

It has been nearly 20 years since the show debuted on the (then fledgling) Fox Network, and it’s fair to say that none of our lives have been the same since. Dylan McKay and Brandon Walsh taught young men everywhere that nothing is more attractive than the combination of brooding glares and bitchin’ sideburns, and Brenda Walsh, Kelly Taylor and Donna Martin (Graduates!) proved to be some of the era’s biggest fashion icons (even if we laugh at their sundresses and chokers now).

So, won’t you join us as we take a trip down memory lane and through the halls of West Beverly High as we investigate how the show’s core cast members and impressive roster of guest stars (Hilary Swank! Ryan Seacrest! Um, Jamie Walters?!?) looked then and what they look like now. May the bridges we burn light the way!

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