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Hand Us Some Tissue: Michelle Williams And Jason Segel Have Reportedly Split


We really, really thought these two were the real deal. Like apple pie and vanilla ice-cream — adorable, wholesome and perfectly matched. So you can imagine our dismay when we read about the reported split between Michelle Williams and Jason Segel. Sources say the break-up happened earlier this month, very quietly. We want to know why! Actually, do we really want to know? It would only make us extremely sad. They had been dating for a year and Jason was quoted as saying lovely things like, “I think we would just very much like to be happy. That’s all I’m going to say about it.” The famously private Michelle even told In Style, “I didn’t realize [boyfriend Jason Segel] was so tall [6’4”]. I thought, Hey, man, you’re cramping my style! I tried wearing wedge heels for a while to compensate, but it wasn’t me and I just gave up.” See … sad. We’re going to shut up now and hope for a reconciliation.

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This Is 45! Celebrate Judd Apatow’s Birthday By Counting Down The 15 Greatest Man-Children He Brought To The Screen

Judd Apatow's 15 greatest man-children of all time

If you had to call comedy another name, you could call it “Judd Apatow.” The multi-talented writer/director/producer has dominated the face of funny over the  past decade, and he’s responsible for some of the best laugh-out-loud films ever made. From his early features like (our childhood must-see) Heavyweights to small screen gems like Freaks and Geeks, and all the way through to box office busters like Superbad and Anchorman: The Legend Of Ron Burgundy, his movies have defined comedy to a generation of people, and we’re thankful for all that laughs he’s given us over the years.

But we’re not the only people who should be thankful. Some of the biggest comedy stars in the world today got their big breaks by featuring in Judd’s movies. From James Franco to Seth Rogen and Jason Segel, Mr. Apatow can spot a career-making hit a mile off. What is the deal with his insane success rate? How is he able to produce such memorable characters that propel the actors into the mega-successful stratosphere?

The answer is simple: The Man-Child. Judd Apatow is the king of the emotionally stunted, delightfully immature, hilariously inept and maladjusted male who just can’t be a functional adult no matter how hard he tries. It’s a hallmark of all of his work. Whether it’s Steve Carell’s wax agony in The 40 Year Old Virgin, Seth Rogen staring down the  barrel of fatherhood in Knocked Up, or Jason Segel’s nude and heartbroken misery in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, we laugh so hard at these folks because we see our own faults in their complete and utter dysfunction. So in honor of Judd’s big day, we counted down our 15 favorite man children that he brought to the screen. We hope you enjoy it!

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Freaks And Geeks Reunion Inspires A Lot Of Fist Shaking At Short-Sighted TV Execs

Freaks and Geeks cast reunites for Vanity Fair

The bad news first: 1) We have no time machine to fix the errors of the past; and 2) this Freaks and Geeks reunion of which we speak was just for the January issue of Vanity Fair, not for a TV special or a spinoff about Nick and Lindsay’s daughter. Exec producer Judd Apatow (whose birthday, incidentally, is today) guest-edited this first-ever Comedy Issue of the magazine, and used that as an opportunity to gather the whole gang from (the non-Glee) McKinley High for a photo and a really long oral history of the show that aired from 1999-2000.

“This is the first time the cast has been together in a room — all of them — since the year 2000,” Apatow says in a behind-the-scenes video of the photo shoot. “We’re excited because I don’t think this will ever happen again.”
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Get Ready For Magic Mike With The Top 10 Moments In Male Movie Nudity

Guys, today is the day Magic Mike comes out and changes our lives forever. Okay probably not, but we do get to see Channing Tatum strip on the big screen, and that still feels pretty important. Despite the way everyone woman (and, let’s be honest, man) is foaming at the mouth to  see Alex Pettyfer and the gang take if off this weekend, it turns out Magic Mike is only the most recent in a long line of awkward, dramatic, sexy, humiliating moments in male movie nudity. From Jason Segel‘s weepy reveal in Forgetting Sarah Marshall to basically every movie Ewan McGregor has ever done, enjoy what we consider to be the top 10 moments in cinematic dude nakedness. Though…aren’t they all pretty excellent? Warning: There will be butts.

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Rihanna, Emma Watson Run For Their Lives On The Set Of Seth Rogen’s End Of The World

Rihanna, Watson On Set Of End Of The World

The Mayans predicted it centuries ago! You are going to see End of The World when it comes out next summer because it has each and every one of your favorite people in it! For example, Rihanna and Emma Watson were caught running in terror on the film’s set in New Orleans today, and we know how much you like them. Joining the ladies for their last fictitious moments on earth were Jonah Hill, Aziz Ansari, Paul Rudd, Jason Segel, Mindy Kaling, Michael Cera and a host of other celebrities you’d want to hold hands with as the moon crashes into the sea. We call Jonah and Mindy!

Seth Rogen, Paul Rudd, Aziz Ansari On Set Of End Of The World

Actually, the way in which the planet meets its demise in Seth Rogen‘s directorial debut is still a mystery. According to Splash, while filming on the lawn of what is supposed to be James Franco‘s house (note: genius), “the cast were highly animated whilst following a marker that will later be transformed using CGI” into what we’re assuming will be your classic Death Meteor. Wait a minute…if the Mayans are right, we’ll never get to see this movie! That’s a deep cut, Mayans. We’re going to hope for your sake that you’re wrong, in case we see you in the afterlife…

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The Five-Year Engagement: The Bunny Suit, Vintage Chic And An “Adorable Disaster” Explained

In case you haven’t gathered from our Jason Segel gushing earlier this week, The Five-Year Engagement has landed pretty high on our list of all-time great romantic comedies. It’s funny, believable and moving without ever feeling too, well, rom-com-ish. Also, it’s really great to look at. Which is why we were thrilled that the movie’s costume designer, Leesa Evans, who was the mastermind behind Bridesmaids’ great looks last year, got on the phone with VH1 Celebrity to chat about her work. She’s a longtime collaborator with director/writer Nick Stoller and writer/star Segel, which means her job is a whole lot more than putting actors in pretty dresses and hip T-shirts.

“During the design process and the fitting process you come up with things that feel right for the characters that weren’t written but add to the development of the character absolutely,” Leesa explained. Things like, the fact that at the “Dress as Your Favorite Superhero” New Year’s Eve party where Violet (Emily Blunt) and Tom (Jason Segel) first meet, Violet is dressed as Princess Diana and Tom is wearing a giant pink bunny suit. “I said, ‘We’ve got to put him in the most adorable ridiculous thing that a big guy could ever wear. … How about a pink bunny?’ And we all laughed so hard that that was it. There was never a discussion of anything else because seeing Jason in a bunny suit would just make us all laugh so much.”

Peruse this gallery are more of Leesa’s stories behind the looks from The Five-Year Engagement:

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Why Do We Love Jason Segel? A (Slightly Biased) Insider Weighs In

Maybe you fell in love with Jason Segel when he was Nick on Freaks and Geeks. Maybe you found him as Alyson Hannigan’s other half on How I Met Your Mother. Perhaps it took his perfect bromance with our other true love Paul Rudd in I Love You, Man. The Muppets might have been your thing, or his side-clutching “Kemper-pedic” mattress ad on SNL. Seriously, if none of those won you over, you have a cold, dead heart — and you are probably the studio head who told him to lose 35 lbs for The Five-Year Engagement.

We have our own theories about why we love the 32-year-old actor/writer/producer/composer/puppeteer. What we really wanted to do was get a second opinion on whether Jason Segel the man is as dreamy as all of his characters. And since Michelle Williams was busy, we spoke to Leesa Evans, his personal stylist as well as the costume designer for The Five-Year Engagement, Sarah Marshall and I Love You, Man (in addition to Bridesmaids, American Pie and many more impressive movies).

“I’ve known him since he was 19, and it’s nice to see him remain this humble, kind and good person,” Evans told VH1 Celebrity, explaining that she met him in his Freaks and Geeks days (she didn’t work on that show, but she’s part of the whole Judd Apatow crew). “Jason is a very kind and good human being. He cares about the people he works with a great deal. He takes a vested interest in the family filmmaking environment that we have … with this whole group of people that we work with so often.”

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Jason Segel Would Prefer A Three-Day Engagement, Actually

First off, I have seen The Five-Year Engagement, and I can tell you that it absolutely cements my opinion that Jason Segel is the best romantic lead of our time. He is just so believable and endearing and frustrating and lovable. Anyway, /gush off. At the New York premiere of the film last night, VH1 News’ Janell Snowden played coy about the fact that he is fully, openly dating Michelle Williams now, and instead got him to speak hypothetically about whether he would ever consider a super long engagement like the one in the movie.

“My plan is to get her to marry me as quickly as possible, so that she doesn’t find out who I really am,” he said. “I’ll do it romantic, but I’ll do it over a three-day weekend. We’ll meet on a Friday, have our first date on Saturday, get engaged by Sunday and get married on Monday.”

While that does sound romantic in its own way, I am rather enjoying what we’ve seen of his slightly more extended courtship of Williams. She was at the premiere (though she didn’t walk the carpet), and the Daily News reported that they were holding hands during the afterparty at the Museum of Modern Art, where Segel gave an impromptu dance performance to “Don’t Stop Believing.” Yep, that would definitely sweep me off my feet.

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