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Jay Baruchel And Alison Pill Break Off Their Engagement


Jay Baruchel and Alison Pill getting engaged back in 2011 was kind of awesome. Like the perfect indie union of two slightly dorky, souls. Alison’s reaction to that embarrassing incident of tweeting her own topless picture by accident made us love her even more. Besides us being complete The Newsroom fans, of course. So two hear that these two crazy kids weren’t going to end up together, after all of that, made us really sad. Baruchel and Pill are no longer engaged, and have also split up. What an awesome wedding it was going to be too, considering the actor told US Weekly early last year that they were, “… getting married at an ice wine vineyard. Me and the groomsmen will all be wearing kilts! We’ll be welcomed in by uilleann pipers. It will be a very small, 70 person wedding, just friends and family …I’m really excited to see all the…hairy, chubby legs. I just hope my groomsmen wear underwear!” Sources say that their schedules and the long distance relationship thing took its toll, revealing, “Working and living in Canada is something that [Baruchel] is very passionate about. He wanted her up there more often, but she really likes Newsroom and the opportunities that are there for her. They were doing the long distance [thing] a lot.” Not too late for a reconciliation, guys!

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Jay Baruchel Joins Star-Packed Cosmopolis Cast

Jay Baruchel has been cast in Cosmopolis, the Robert Pattinson-helmed, David Cronenberg-directed film that is quickly accumulating some of our favorite A-List actors. Not celebs or starlets, mind you, actors. Who can act. Such a novel idea, right? In addition to Pattinson, the Judd Apatow-approved Baruchel is joining Paul Giamatti (Sideways, Barney’s Version), Oscar winner Juliette Binoche (The English Patient) and the Oscar-nominated Samantha Morton (In America). Just typing their names gives us nerd chills. So good, all of them!

It’s clearly a great get for Baruchel, who’s been putting out solid work for a while. Yet we were shocked to learn a lot of people had never heard his name before. He’s the “It’s all happening!” guy from Almost Famous! The adorable and awkward Steven from Undeclared! One of  Seth Rogen‘s pothead pals in Knocked Up! And, you know, he starred in Tropic Thunder and The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, NBD. Plus he’s dreamy in that scrawny, nerdy, too much hair sorta way. (You guys know the type, right? Andrew Garfield-esque.) Some choice Jay Baruchel moments await you below the jump.

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Jay Baruchel Engaged To Scott Pilgrim‘s Alison Pill

It’s no surprise that when Jay Baruchel proposes, the moment would be awkward, hilarious, adorable and aggressively Canadian. The Apatow apprentice revealed to ET Canada—figures!—that he got engaged to girlfriend Alison Pill, a fellow Canuck, over Christmas. “I was going to give her a ring, and I wasn’t sure,” told the show. “I wasn’t ready in my heart to say what it was…When I gave it to her, I just said, basically, ‘S— or get off the pot.’ I said, ‘F— it, will you marry me?'” Whether he told Alison or himself to ‘s— or get off the pot,’ that story is completely awesome.

While not a star yet, Pill, 25, should be recognizable to anyone who saw her steal scenes as a lesbian campaign worker in Milk and as the grumpy drummer in Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World (she was also in Confessions Of A Teenage Drama Queen, LiLo fans!). Now if only they’d get out of Canada and show up on the red carpet together—we need some PDAs!

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Gerard Butler Gets Goofy At Dragon Premiere

Gerard Butler

Turns out Jennifer Aniston was making him mug less! Freed from having to play his Bounty Hunter co-star’s escort, Gerald Butler hammed up one unsexy storm at the How To Train Your Dragon premiere in Universal City. Joining in his goofery were co-stars America Ferrera, Jay Baruchel, Craig Ferguson and Jonah Hill. Hey, anyone notice that Butler (The Bounty Hunter), Ferrera (Our Family Wedding) and Baruchel (She’s Out Of My League) already had movies come out this month? They really should space this stuff out—don’t want to think about a month where you can’t see (or hear) Gerald in theaters. See his continued March movie madness in the gallery below.

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Pauly D Lights Up She’s Out Of My League Premiere

DJ Pauly D

Holding the She’s Out Of My League premiere in Vegas was a smooth idea, but it does cut down on the number of non-cast celebs available to attend compared to NY or LA. Thankfully, one of the hottest rising stars in America showed up at Planet Hollywood to catch the Jay Baruchel comedy—DJ Pauly D from Jersey Shore! Between this and Pauly’s photo with Michael Cera, our boy is clearly the toast of the comedy world. Personally, we feel all future premieres should be judged on how many Jersey Shore castmembers can be roped into attending. One shot of Snooki and The Situation on your red carpet is worth a dozen Brangelinas—at least until Brad loses the goatee.

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