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Fred Armisen Is Lethal With His Car Keys And Other Portlandia Facts

Portlandia returned for its second season last Friday, and VH1 was there on the red carpet to talk to its stars Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein. We even bumped into movie legend Jeff Goldblum, who has a guest spot in this Friday’s episode. What did we talk to them about? Everything!

Ever heard of speed dating? Well our own Janell Snowden conducted a patented “speed interview,” and kept the questions flying. Very, very important questions. You’ll also find out what part of his body Jeff Goldblum is most proud of, Fred Armisen’s favorite SNL cast member of all time, and Carrie Brownstein’s secret girl crush. Check out the video below for the answers to these questions and so many more enlightening revelations!

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Goldblum Confirms His Death On Colbert

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Jeff Goldblum Will Be Missed
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Last Thursday, amid the hubbub of Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett‘s deaths, rumors were also flying about Jeff Goldblum falling to his death on a movie set in New Zealand. Twitterers everywhere were hash-tagging “RIP Jeff Goldblum” to the point where the story was actually reported as fact on the Australian news. What must it be like to hear the news of your own demise but actually be alive and kicking, we wondered?

Well, last night Goldblum appeared on the Colbert Report and stood by while listening to a pair of Australian newscasters report on his death and then hilariously eulogized himself on the air. “No one will miss Jeff Goldblum more than me. He was not only a friend and mentor, but he was also me. . .When Jeff Goldblum passed away, a little bit of all of us died. I will be missed.”

Rest in peace, Jeff Goldblum.