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Jeffrey Wright To Light Up Catching Fire As Hunger Games Tribute Beetee

Jeffrey Wright Cast In Catching Fire

Who knew the 75th Hunger Games were going to be packed with slightly obscure award winners? Actually…if the Hunger Games were real, that’s exactly who would be forced to take part in them. To wit, Lionsgate announced today that Tony winner Jeffrey Wright has been cast as twitchy tribute Beetee in Catching Fire. Wright raked in a Tony for his role in 1994’s Angels in America, but more recent audiences might remember him from Quantum of Solace, Syriana, Source Code, or Cadillac Records. Meanwhile, our children’s children will remember him as that District 3 tribute in the lightbulb suit from the original Hunger Games trilogy. They…they will be the lucky ones.

In case you haven’t read the second Hunger Games book yet (why?), Wright’s Beetee will be spending most of the movie translating for his oddball companion Wiress, as portrayed by Amanda Plummer, and using his electrical knowledge to his advantage. Together the duo is known to their fellow competitors as “Nuts and Volts,” a nickname which seems harsh until you remember that they, along with Katniss and Peeta, are fighting for their lives on a homicide-based reality show. After that, it just seems rude. You know what else would be rude? Ignoring all the other Catching Fire cast members chosen so far; check them out in our gallery below. Boy, if this was the distant future, we would have been made into an Avox over that segue…

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