Mother’s Day Match-Up: How Well Do You Know These Celebs’ Moms?

Happy Mother’s Day! In honor of this glorious day saluting all mothers, MILFs, and mommies-to-be, we’d like to thank the mamas who gave us Hollywood’s hottest celebs. You just know there is an amazingly awesome woman responsible for the boy who became¬†Ryan Gosling, and she therefore deserves many, many thanks. Without these moms, we would not have Rihanna’s “Oh na na,” Ellen DeGeneres’ dance moves, or any of Justin Bieber’s swag.¬†Today, we’re celebrating Mother’s Day with little guessing game: We’ll show you picture of a hot mama and you guess their famous son or daughter. Click the pics in order or it’s totally cheating, and your mama wouldn’t approve of that. Now let the games begin!

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[Photos: Getty Images]