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Happy Earth Day! These 20 Celebs Go Green…On the Red Carpet

Lady Gaga Ginnifer Goodwin Nicki Minaj

Okay, so today is Earth Day, and a ton of green-minded celebs are celebrating! Also awesome? The slew of stars who go green because…well, because it’s pretty. From chartreuse to emerald, check out our favorite green fashion moments!

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Jessica Chastain: WHO ARE YOU?

by Meghan O’Keefe (@megsokay)

Okay, so obviously, I know who Jessica Chastain is.

She’s now a two-time Academy Award nominated actress. She’s appeared in countless popular and critically acclaimed films in the past few years (including Zero Dark Thirty, Mama, The Help, Tree of Life, and Take Shelter). And for one dark day, I was under the misconception that she was romantically involved with Tom Hiddleston.

That said, I still have no clue who Jessica Chastain is.



VH1 Style Points: Jessica Chastain, Eddie Redmayne Outshone Everyone At The Oscars

VH1 Style Points - Oscar Edition

Awards season fashion-judging is almost more fun than watching the awards themselves (definitely the case with Sunday’s flat, terribly un-PC Oscars ceremony). For your armchair fashion policing pleasure, we created a Style Points race to track how the fashions of the following high wattage stars stacked up during Awards Season: Anne Hathaway, Jennifer Lawrence, Eddie RedmayneAmanda Seyfried, Bradley Cooper, Jessica Chastain and Kerry Washington. Read more…

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How To Pee During The Red Carpet: 15 Answers To Questions You’ve Always Wondered About The Oscars


Like most of us, I’ve often fantasized about attending the grand glittering spectacle known as the Academy Awards. But tragically I’ve been held back by my total lack of acting skills, directing skills, or any film-related talent whatsoever. Yet one day out of the clear blue sky I was given the once in a lifetime opportunity to gain access Hollywood’s ground zero. I was lucky, but getting the green-light was just the beginning. There were many many unexpected steps on the journey to the golden bald man. So if you ever find yourself married to Sandra Bullock and have to be her date to the Oscars, these are some logistics you will have to consider when turning your Oscar fantasy into a reality.

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Jennifer Lawrence Left Starstruck By Jack Nicholson And More Oscar Introductions

Oscars Jennifer Lawrence Meets Jack Nicholson

With such heavy pre-show coverage before the Academy Awards, media outlets typically bank on a few disastrous gowns and at least one or two “OMG” moments–à la The Dictator’s baby powder bomb–to keep things interesting while sweating it out on live television.  But sometimes, allowing the stars to act naturally (what a concept!), along with a few well-timed introductions, is all the magic one red carpet telecast needs. That and Jennifer Lawrence‘s vivacious personality and knack for making awesome faces.

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Oscars 2013: Adele, Ben Affleck And Jennifer Lawrence Keep It Real By Putting Their Emotions On Display

The Oscars are too fancy shmancy for anyone to walk on stage with their “Thank You’s” written out on a tiny piece of scrap paper or, even worse, read from the winner’s iPhone. Instead, Oscar attendees tend to have carefully thought out shout outs that get straight to the point. That said, every so often, moments of real, actual emotion break through, which make stars like Jennifer Lawrence, Adele and Ben Affleck shine more than their exquisitely prepared peers. Read more…