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6 Reasons Why Jennifer Lawrence Is Winning


UPDATE (2/24/13 at 11:48 p.m.): Good news! Jennifer Lawrence did NOT lose, after all; she took home the Academy Award for Best Actress tonight for her awesome performing in Silver Linings Playbook. She did, however, trip on her way up the steps to accept the award. Yet another reason —our Sixth, in fact!— to love and root for our girl, J-LAW!

Jennifer Lawrence may be slowly slipping into second place behind Emmanuelle Riva in the Best Actress Oscar race, but she remains solidly on-top in our books for reasons that go far beyond her amazing work on-screen. Despite all the hoopla surrounding her, from the indie accolades to the blockbuster bank, she is decidedly unfazed by it all. She doesn’t pal around with other celebs in her down time and she has yet to succumb to the unrelenting and unrealistic pressure of the Hollywood Actresses Must B Skin n’ Bones machine. She likes her mom. She is…normal. And that, more than anything, is the most extraordinary thing about her.

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10 Best-Dressed At The BAFTAs Include Anne Hathaway, Jennifer Lawrence, Jessica Chastain

10 Best-Dressed At 2013 BAFTA Awards

We’re fascinated by the BAFTAs for some strange reason. Maybe it’s because of our love for all things across the pond — like Victoria and David Beckham, the Royals and fish and chips. This year, the EE British Academy Film Awards (sounds more grand in full form, doesn’t it) took place at The Royal Opera House, today. Sunday, to be exact. We’re okay with the 10 best-dressed ladies on the red carpet. Were we expecting to be more in awe of the fashion? Sure. But that’s just our weekender buzz which always extends our expectations. Two stars floored is the most on this list and for totally different reasons other than being dressed awesomely. Jessica Chastain leads the way for finally getting it right. All right. As in, not even one element of her look wrong, as she normally does. She looked divine in her cobalt blue, architectural marvel of a Roland Mouret gown. Paired perfectly with Jimmy Choos and classy Harry Winston jewels. Then, there was Dame Helen Mirren, who we plain adore, and who rocked the red carpet with a pink bob. We repeat — she rocked it in a pink bob. She’s 67-years-old and she flippin’ ballered a look we couldn’t pull off. We’re loving her dove grey Nicholas Oakwell gown with the silver pashima, as well.

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Anne Hathaway‘s Burberry column with the striking silver rivets all over the bodice looked fantastic. The hot pink lippie was an excellent touch, too. Marion Cotillard‘s sunshine Dior gown from Raf Simons’ Spring 2013 Couture collection could only have been pulled off by her. She wasn’t the only one in yellow. Andrea Riseborough took on Brit designer Vivivienne Westwood, wearing a saucy daffodil colored couture gown with ribbon detailing over the bodice which matched her ribbon Brian Atwood shoes. It made her look wonderfully hour-glassed, unlike Jennifer Lawrence who needs to be fed some hot stew or something. Does she still have pneumonia? The sport wore a lovely white Dior Haute Couture dress with Jimmy Choo shoes, Chopard jewelry and a Judith Leiber bag, but looked alarmingly skinny. There were also two semi-goth looks this evening. The goth element being added by black chantilly lace through Thandi Newton‘s Louis Vuitton and Amy Adams Elie Saab gowns, respectively. Alicia Vikander in a minimal Christian Dior mullet dress and Juno Temple in Stella McCartney complete the list. Have a look through the gallery for the full looks and tell us who your favorites are!

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Jennifer Lawrence Fan-Girls A Little Too Hard Over John Stamos

Jennifer Lawrence doesn’t seem to understand that she’s wayyy more famous that 99.9999999 percent of the humans on this planet. The fact that she still gets super pumped to meet people like Taylor Swift definitely adds to her insanely high levels of likability. She’s just like us, you guys! She totally doesn’t realize that most of these folks are probably even more excited to meet her, and sometimes the results are a little weird. Case in point: The time she fan-girled a little too hard over John Stamos and creeped him out.

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Eddie Redmayne, Jessica Chastain Shake Up Red-Carpet Competition: Awards Season Style Points

Eddie Redmayne and Jessica Chastain lead the week, according to our fashion panel

We’ll be honest, when we came up with the idea for this awards season Style Points race, we were envisioning a graph with much smoother lines. But now we realize that wouldn’t be as much fun as the crazy ups and downs Anne Hathaway, Jennifer Lawrence, Eddie RedmayneAmanda Seyfried, Bradley Cooper, Jessica Chastain and Kerry Washington have delivered,  in the eyes of our esteemed fashion panel. (Emma Stone has been a no-show lately; we may just drop her from the list!) This week, Yahoo! Entertainment New York bureau chief Breanne Heldman, Glamour’s online style editor Nikki Ogunnaike, and our own Ambika Muttoo and Sabrina Rojas Weiss evaluated the contestants’ Oscar nominee luncheon outfits (or, in the case of the non-nominees, outfits worn to other important events last week) and fell in love with Les Miz’s Redmayne all over again.

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Jennifer Lawrence, Jessica Chastain, Amy Adams Let Their Hair Down For THR Nominees’ Night

The Hollywood Reporter Oscar Nominees Night

So, Monday was a busy day for Oscar nominee’s and various other stars who buff up guest lists around this time. ‘Tis the month of the Academy Awards and the lead-up to it always has a bunch of events and and other awards shows crammed into a two-month period. The Oscar nominees’ luncheon happened in the afternoon, and as we’ve already reviewed, it was a bit of a boring affair, sartorially speaking. Things looked up a tad more at night, at The Hollywood Reporter Nominees’ Night at Spago, in Beverly Hills.

Where Jennifer Lawrence got it it wrong in Chloe in the afternoon, she fared better here in a nude, bedazzled Versace number with metallic, neutral peep-toe heels. The look is sexier, as the hair’s also thicker and more tousled. Now if only Jen’s team would get their lengths right. This dress should have had a couple of inches lopped off. Jessica Chastain‘s Erdem afternoon look was elegant and feminine, but she sexed it up for the night taking on a black Givenchy Resort 2012 peplum with a draped bodice, paired with a pair of hot smoky, kohl-laden eyes. We like the architectural effect, even though it’s a tad fussy. While Amy Adams earlier outfit somewhat tanked, she did heaps better at the THR bash wearing a lovely, lacy black, peplum dress. She didn’t ditch the nude heels, though. Why, Hollywood, why? With all the shoe designers of the world throwing shoes of every color and size at you — you pick nude, clunky pumps.

Many other celebrities walked the red carpet, as well. Naomi Watts was back, but this time, in a white blazer and tight silver pants which looked effortlessly cool on her. Julia Stiles was there in a deep purple, long-sleeved dress, while Morena Baccarin chose a white patterned flounced frock. Lauren Dern highlighted her incredible figure — how is this woman 45-years-old — by cinching her simple black dress with a belt. And finally, Natasha Bedingfield jollied things up wearing cherry red tights, as pants. We don’t even mind, because she has the personality to pull things off that most people can’t! You can see it all in the gallery below.

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Jennifer Lawrence, Anne Hathaway, More Give Us A Safe, Staid Red Carpet At Oscar Noms Luncheon

Fashion at the Oscars Nominees luncheon

The thing to to remember about the Academy Awards Nominations Luncheon is that it is a lunch, not an awards show. That compounded with the fact that it’s held in the afternoon should suffice to make it an elegant, low-key event, fashion-wise, right? Well, we’re not quite sure. This is still Hollywood. We’d like a tad more ritz to our “low-key” please. The luncheon took place yesterday at the Beverly Hilton, and the red carpet was a bit snooze-worthy. We’ll start with the floral brigade, where, surprisingly, Jessica Chastain fared far better than our style favorite, Amy Adams. Amy’s J. Mendel Spring 2013 collection long-sleeve, below-the-knee, chiffon frock totally swamped her. Even though the various purples of the dress were stunning, and it features a cut-out back, front the front, it ended up making her look mumsy. The fact that she wore block-like, nude Casadei platform pumps did not help her case.

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Jessica picked a larger, more vibrant print with her navy Erdem Pre-Fall 2013 sheath. She also wore nude heels, but hers were pointed Loboutin pumps, which although not ideal, were better than Amy’s. Moving on to the lighter shades, Helen Hunt‘s ruched pewter Dolce & Gabbana totally showed off her amazing figure. Sadly, the curse of the nude heel struck again, and this time it was a pair of chunky, strappy Jimmy Choos. What was even more sad was Jennifer Lawrence‘s white Chloe Spring 2013 dress, which did absolutely nothing for her. Shin-length and weirdly draped at the bodice, and paired with a ploddy black Casadei pumps, J.Law gave gorgeous face, but the rest of her her was baffling.

We’ll end with the good stuff. The two black looks of the afternoon were worn by beauties Anne Hathaway and Naomi Watts. Anne’s was a safe, yet elegant sleeveless sheath by The Row. We love that she lightened the look up with open-toe sandals and that pop of pink lippie, not to mention her lovely Jennifer Meyer bracelets and rings. We also loved Naomi’s textured black Valentino frock, especially with the Christian Louboutin Paulina pumps she chose to wear the appropriate, yet slightly whimsical outfit with. Have a click-over our gallery to see all the looks and who else attended the big event.

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Jennifer Lawrence’s Tequila-Fueled Boob Talk: Another 7 Reasons To Love Her

Radar Online this morning has a story about how Jennifer Lawrence’s friends are concerned that the Silver Linings Playbook star is putting her work ahead of her health. Which, yeah, that’s kind of legit, considering the fact that she’s admitted to having walking pneumonia at both the Golden Globes and the SAG Awards. But if she weren’t sick, her stories (and acceptance speeches) would be so much less entertaining, wouldn’t they? Case in point: Her best tales on last night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live were health-related. There were other gems too, as there have been basically every time she sits on a late-night couch. Here are seven more reasons we love JLaw, based on her latest sit-down:

  • She had a couple of shots of tequila (the producer’s idea) and a beer (her idea) before getting onstage.
  • Her main concern upon seeing a recent chest x-ray was not her pneumonia but the appearance that her breasts are different sizes. “It felt like an elephant in the room,” she said of bringing it up with her doctor. “I hope no one ever sees my breasts in an x-ray.” (Better cut that radiology scene you were planning, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay screenwriters!)
  • She had a 103-degree fever at the Golden Globes and still managed to give that great speech with the First Wives Club joke and a jab at her brothers.
  • She made this face to her dad upon seeing Adele at the next table over. The same face we would make!

Jennifer Lawrence on Jimmy Kimmel Live
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Amanda Seyfried, Jennifer Lawrence Hit Their Stride In Navy: SAG Awards Style Points

Style Points: Amanda Seyfried on top after SAG Awards

When we decided to track the awards season fashions of Amanda Seyfried, Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley Cooper, Anne Hathaway, Kerry Washington, Jessica Chastain, Eddie Redmayne and Emma Stone, we had no idea how much they’d fluctuate from gorgeous to meh to bleh and back again from week to week. As you can see in the graph above, these stars’ Style Points have been fluctuating madly. And since we’re basing this “race” on the opinions of esteemed experts — Glamour online style editor Nikki Ogunnaike, Yahoo! Entertainment’s New York bureau chief Breanne Heldman, MTV Style’s associate editor Maud Deitch — along with our own Ambika Muttoo and Sabrina Rojas Weiss, we don’t think this is just due to our own arbitrary moods. Last night’s SAG Awards saw an abrupt change of position as Amanda and Jennifer got their acts together and showed up in stunning (and matching!) navy gowns. Oddly enough, last week’s front-runner Kerry Washington sank to the bottom with her white Rodarte. Emma Stone was a no-show at this event — now we’re wondering if she’s skipping out on the rest of this awards season altogether, which would be a shame for us fashion voyeurs. But we have the other seven to enjoy below:

Amanda Seyfried

Amanda Seyfried

Breanne: +5. “Yes! Finally! This Zac Posen dress does everything I’ve been wanting for Amanda all awards season and then some. Extra love for the necklace.
Nikki: +4. “To say I’m obsessed with this Zac Posen dress would be putting it mildly. The dark blue color against her alabaster skin made for an amazing contrast while the mega train added an appropriate touch of drama.”
Ambika: +5. “I cannot find fault with this gown. I also want to have babies with the color. Amanda likes these structural elements in her gown, and often gets them wrong. But when she gets it right, look out world. This Zac Posen gown is the apex of those rare moments.”
Maud: +5. “I love this. Pairing that epic Zac Posen fishtail with that enormous Lorraine Schwartz pendent? Inspired styling choice. This is one of the first of Amanda Seyfried’s looks that made me totally forget that she was ever in Mamma Mia! She looks like a true movie star.”
Sabrina: +5. “Amanda was hilarious on the red carpet, telling E! she hoped Les Miserables wouldn’t win because she was scared to walk up the stairs in that gown. No matter how good Argo is, I think we were tragically deprived of that sight. Also, I want (a knockoff of) that necklace now.”

Average score: 4.8
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Jennifer Lawrence Is Definitely One Of Us: From My Super Sweet 16 To SAG Awards Dress Malfunction

Every day, we love Jennifer Lawrence a little more, as she continues us how much she is both a gorgeous superstar and an everygirl. On the red carpet of the SAG Awards, she was all superstar: You absolutely could not tell she was battling walking pneumonia as she strutted her stuff in a navy Dior Haute Couture gown.

Then, she was the everygirl even as her name was announced as the Best Female Actor winner. The clever way the skirt of the gown was wrapped proved to be a hazard as the bottom was apparently caught under someone’s foot or chair, revealing a gaping seam at her thighs as she hugged her parents and co-stars and stepped onstage.

Jennifer Lawrence at the SAGs and in an ad for My Super Sweet 16
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“I’m Just So Thrilled I Have Dental”: The 15 Best Quotes From Tonight’s SAG Awards

Tonight’s Screen Actors Guild Awards were not as tipsy-casual as the Golden Globes nor as formal as the Oscars almost certainly will be, but they were still chock full of funny, touching quotes from everyone from Amy Poehler to Tina Fey to Dick Van Dyke. And while it technically was not “out loud” and therefore does not count as a quote, did everyone see Bryan Cranston‘s adorable daughter mouth “I love you, Dad” while he was onstage? After we finished dying over how cute that was, we rounded up all our favorite bon mots from tonight’s ceremony for your reading pleasure:

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