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Happy 36th Birthday Alicia Silverstone! Look Back At Her 20 Most Awesomely Crazy Looks Of The 90s

For most of us, Alicia Silverstone defined 90s style. Or rather, her fabulous character Cher from the classic Clueless did! The plaid skirts, the berets, those sunglasses…everything about it makes us want to throw on some acid washed jeans, pound a Surge, jump into our Volkswagon New Beetle and blare “Steal My Sunshine” as loud as we can. People did that stuff, right? Was that just us? That’s what was so great about the 90s: It was a lawless time when you could totally do your own thing, like wearing white bell bottoms and a cowboy hat, a leather jump suit, or a leopard print see-through blouse. It didn’t matter!

And trust us, Alicia did all of those things. We’ve got the proof in the gallery below! The lovely Ms. Silverstone turns 36 today, and spends much of her time with her boy Bear Blu, and feeding him like a momma bird by spitting chewed food into his mouth. There’s a sentence we never thought we’d write! But she’s never far from her movie past. She has a recurring role on Suburgatory as the love interest of her former Clueless costar Jeremy SistoThe universe wants them together, you guys!

In honor of Alicia’s big day, we’ve assembled her 20 most awesomely crazy looks from that fashion free-for-all that we call the 90s. Enjoy!

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Kate Winslet/Jeremy Sisto Titanic Screen Test Explains Why They Went With Leo After All

Seeing as how Jeremy Sisto was still riding high off his Clueless success in the mid-nineties, it’s no wonder director James Cameron was hoping to snag him for the role of Titanic hottie Jack. Having just watched Kate Winslet‘s first screen test from the Titanic 3D Blue-Ray edition, however, we completely understand why Cameron went with Leonardo DiCaprio. While 21-year-old Jeremy is a total Baldwin, he’s a little too low-key and mumbly for a sweeping love story that ends with his corpse sinking into the frigid Atlantic. We also don’t think he could have gotten through the raucous Irish jig scene without a little eye-rolling. Winslet on the other hand? Pure porcelain-and-crimson perfection. Who wouldn’t want to see her sweaty hand slap the window of a Model T Ford?

Not that the dialogue is helping Jeremy any. “Have you ever torn apart a rose?” Wha? That’s a hard line for anyone to make romantic. Then again, considering this scene ends up being a pivotal moment in their budding romance, we (and our seventh-grade selves) are glad they held out for Leo.

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Paul Rudd, Stacey Dash, Please Join The Clueless Reunion On Suburgatory

It was announced back in December that Alicia Silverstone would be guest-starring on Suburgatory for four episodes this spring, playing a love interest for George, played by none other than her Clueless co-star Jeremy Sisto. For some reason, people just started getting excited about the reunion of Cher and Elton this week. We’re guessing that like us, people are just catching up on the excellent ABC comedy that comes close to rivaling Awkward. as one of our fave teen shows on the air right now (don’t worry, Vampire Diaries, you are a category of your own). Anyway, in the interest of fantasy casting on a quiet, pre-Oscar Friday, we decided to dream up ways to bring other alums from the 1995 classic to Chatswin. (We assume Brittany Murphy would hover over all proceedings as a well-meaning suburban angel. RIP with the homies, Tai.)

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